The club is pleased to carry on our partnerships with both Woodstock Cricket during the 2019-2020 season. This means clubmen will get a discount if they want any equipment.

Woodstock Cricket

As in the past, the club has been able to form a partnership with Woodstock Cricket, makers of top quality, hand crafted cricket bats. Woodstock bats are available to buy from stock in various weights and sizes, but they also offer a bespoke service where you can customise your bat to your own requirements. Along with their handcrafted bats, Woodstock offer a range of pads, gloves, keeping gear, and so on. All of these items come under the discount offered by Woodstock cricket to UWMCC members.

With Woodstock’s sponsorship prices, there is really no need to look elsewhere for any cricket equipment. For the trips onto campus with your cricket kit, the duffle bag options are very practical. With a UWMCC discount, a large duffle bag can be bought for only £35.

For a full list of products and their prices offered to us by Woodstock, please see the link below.
To go about taking advantage of these brilliant prices, have a look online at Woodstock’s website and contact, stating that you are a member of the club. For the excellent offers available to us on all pieces of Woodstock kit, the sponsorship price list can be viewed here.