UWMCCFC vs Physics FC

Team sheet; H. Platt, J. Patel, W. Monk, J. Hall, A. Vassiliou, D. Lewis, K. Winder, H. Bexson, J. Roche, S. Platt, J. Livesey. Subs; S. Walton

With the league title already secured, the UWMCCFC were eager to revenge their previous loss at the hands of Physics early in Term 1. If that wasn’t enough motivation in itself, the haunting figure of Joe Chattle in goal for Physics added to our hunger. With adoptions merely 10 days away, Chattle was under strict instructions from Clobber not to embarrass his elders. Furthermore, a somewhat exasperating trend of UWMCCFC regulars deciding to head home that weekend meant late call-ups for Will Monk, Kit Winder, Andreas Vassiliou and Platty’s younger brother Harrison. To complete the numbers, Bexson made a superhuman effort to make it back from BUCS indoor in time for kick off.

The UWMCCFC began the game on the front foot. Kit often found himself in a lot of space in midfield and was able to release Bexson, Roche and Livesey on multiple occasions. One such pass put Livesey through one-on-one with Chattle who inexplicably left his box in order to try and intercept the ball. Instead, he ran straight past Livesey who headed the bouncing ball past him and slotted it into an empty net. Platt made sure to personally thank Chattle for his contribution. The UWMCCFC kept the high tempo up for the remainder of the first half but Chattle showed some good form; tipping a dipping volley from Kit over the bar and saving a one-on-one chance from Platt. Despite our numerous chances, it was not such a one sided affair in truth. H. Platt was called upon to save a one-on-one with a Physics striker which he did by reacting well to the shot and keeping it out with his feet. The final chance of the half came from a UWMCCFC corner and fell to none other than the 5-a-side goal machine, Jonny Hall. Platt whipped the ball into the box and Physics failed to clear leading to a goalmouth scramble. Naturally, Jonny was in the mix and when the ball fell to him two yards from goal, he was so shocked that he forgot to kick the ball which allowed Physics to clear. The wait for Hall’s first UWMCCFC goal continues… rumours suggest that he is prepared to pay another £10,000 on top of the £27,000 he has already paid in pursuit of his dream. Still a better goals to pounds ratio than Wayne Rooney.

Early in the second half the UWMCCFC doubled their lead courtesy of Kit Winder. From a Platt free kick, he brought the ball down nicely and then volleyed it past Chattle from close range. Next to get on the score sheet was none other than Dan Lewis who won the ball from a Physics goal kick. In doing so it sat up irresistibly for him about 30 yards from goal and looking to emulate fellow Welshman, Aaron Ramsey’s, strike against Galatasaray last year, he blasted it so wide it was nearly a throw-in. However, he soon made up for his error of judgement by coolly finishing a chance from an acute angle off of a low Bexson cross. Next to get in on the action was Platt who, following a string of Dimitri Payet-esque free kicks, decided to take a shot at goal after cutting inside and beating a Physics defender on the far left corner of the box. His shot curled into the top corner leaving Chattle stranded and somewhat embarrassed given his claim the night before that he wouldn’t let any in. At 4-0 the UWMCCFC began to relax as evidenced by Platt’s decision to allow Hall to take a free kick on the edge of the Physics area. It is safe to say that I have never seen a man so nervously stand over a free kick. In hindsight, and given his recent record, it’s a miracle we didn’t have a Lineker-esque situation on our hands. Needless to say, Hall’s attempt flew over the cross-bar and Chattle breathed himself a sigh of relief. No keeper wants to have Hall’s first goal on their hands. Some time later, and out of nowhere, Physics got one back with a lovely curled effort into the top corner. Yet, all this managed to do was spur the UWMCCFC on to get their fifth. Andreas won the ball off the left winger and played a one-two with Platty to get in behind the Physics defence. He then returned the ball to Platt and made a diagonal run towards goal. Platt, under no pressure from the defence, held onto the ball before splitting the defence with a scooped pass which landed right in front of Andreas who didn’t break stride before powerfully volleying it home. This gave the UWMCCFC the 5-1 win and kept their 100% record for Term 2 intact.

With no more matches scheduled for Term 2 it looks as though this is curtains for the UWMCCFC this season. For the third year in a row we have won the league decisively with an overall record of 11 wins, 0 draws and 1 loss. We have scored 52 goals and conceded only 11. With Warwick Sport looking to introduce a “merit league” in Term 3 this may mean a few more run-outs for the UWMCCFC before the end of the year. If this is to be the case, hopefully a final grudge match against Lads on Toure will be on the cards… If not, looking forward, the contributions of First and Second years this season has been fantastic and I have no doubt that the UWMCCFC will continue to be both a successful and fun branch of the club to be a part of. With this in mind, we must thank Finalists Kraus, Hall, Platt, Livesey, Clobber, Clayden, Haslam and Chandi for their outstanding contributions this season and over the course of their time at Warwick.

Goals scored; Livesey, Kit, Lewis, Platt, Vassiliou