UWMCCFC vs Matchday FC

Team sheet: Kraus, Jaimin, Harrison Platt, Hall, Chandi, Haslam, Platt, Clobber, Jacob, Sam Walton, Rhys. Subs; Alex Rajakanthan

The UWMCCFC took to Tarkett on Saturday to take on Matchday who had earlier in the week described our famously long name as “a bit over the top”.  Furthermore, there were rumours before the match that Matchday had labelled the game on their FB group as an “easy win”. Needless to say, this gave our boys added desire to win the game, despite the fact that we were lacking a large number of senior players. To that end, Platty even had to call upon his younger brother, Harrison, to make the numbers in defence – the Kolo to his Yaya. With kick-off delayed by twenty minutes, it seemed that availability was not only a problem for the UWMCCFC, but also for the Warwick Active refereeing group which meant that Alex Rajakanthan had to take control of the first half.

For the first time this season, the UWMCCFC managed to dictate possession throughout the first half (for obvious reasons I am not counting the game against Per Gende FC). Despite a lot of promising attacking play from Jacob, Rhys, Walton and Clobber up top (the latter of whom whipped in a few teasing crosses early on) the UWMCCFC struggled to put the ball in the back of the net. Lance Corporal Hall kept the defence organised and much of the UWMCCFC play started from the centre backs. Both full-backs ran the flanks beautifully and kept the Matchday defenders pegged back in their own half. After about twenty or so minutes, some good play in midfield released Clobber on the right hand side of the pitch who whipped in a cross which Walton met at the back-post and headed across goal for Jacob to tap in. It was a lovely goal to score and somewhat made up for the missed chances earlier on. Before the break, Rhys also managed to get the ball across the line in a goal-mouth scramble to give the UWMCCFC a 2-0 lead at half time.

Captain Platt was so pleased with the first half performance (and seemed to be more preoccupied with the dire weather) that not much was said. Vice-captain Hall spent the break hurrying the UWMCCFC players back onto the pitch as he had a train to catch. Rajakanthan also came on to replace Platt Jr. who subsequently became referee for the second half.

With Matchday beginning to rue their pre-match predictions, the UWMCCFC looked to build upon their first half performance. Early on Haslam did exceptionally well to intercept a stray Matchday pass in their final third and set Platt through on goal who calmly slotted past their keeper. Matchday rose in unison to protest that the goal was offside. The referee (Platty’s younger brother) looked on with a bemused look which conveyed first confusion over whether it was offside, and second the ethics of denying his older brother a goal. After lengthy discussions, the goal was given and we all moved on. Yet, having conceded the third, Matchday snuck a goal to get back into the game at 3-1. However, Sam Walton was next to add to the UWMCCFC tally having been unlucky to miss out on the goal-fest the weekend before. He struck the ball weak footed into the top corner of the goal for our fourth. At 4-1, Matchday began to look dejected and it was made even worse when a powerful clearance from one of their defenders struck Haslam’s thighs of steel and flew into the bottom left corner of the goal. Next, and somewhat inexplicably, Matchday started to get back into the game and scored another to make it 5-2. To make matters worse, Platt picked up an injury and took over refereeing duties instead (putting his brother on in his place). However, making a point for his continued selection, Walton scored his second of the day, beating the keeper at the near post. Chandi then got forward and added to the total with a mazy run which culminated with him scoring a scissor kick from ten yards out. In a final act of resistance, the Matchday left-back and captain curled a wicked shot into the top corner of Kraus’ goal to make it 7-3 at the final whistle.

In summary, it was another good win for the UWMCCFC which was especially pleasing for Captain Platt due to the levels of commitment and quality showed by his players. With a bye next week, Platt has time to look at his team selection and tactics as we move towards our final games of this term against Tennis and Bio Munich.

Goals scored; Jacob, Rhys, Platt, Walton (x2), Haslam, Chandi