UWMCCFC .v. PhysSoc FC

Team sheet; Mihir, Jewson, Hall, Marcus, Jaimin, Ben, Ferdi, Ballo, Aneesh, Rhys, Roche

Subs; Lewis, Kynaston, Chase

With the game at the much more reasonable time of 3:30 and the fact that the game before was cancelled meant for the first time ever we started on time. Although it appeared this was too difficult a time for Physics as they only started the game with 9 players. As the game started you could tell they were struggling as we dominated the early stages. With hall dictating play from the half way line we created many chances but the selfish behaviour of the team denied us of the chance for more. One particular example was Ferdi Rex deciding a shot from 30 yards away was more beneficial than passing to a striker in the box with the goal beckoning. This was the theme, as we never seemed to leave their half, yet didn’t have a shot from inside the box. When Physics finally had 11 players on the pitch, we hadn’t scored and the fear of another loss was starting to develop. However even with 11 players they were no match for us and after some great midfield play from Aneesh, freeing Ferdi down the left, he squared the ball for Roche who scored from inside the 6-yard box (shock). Finally, UWMCCFC had the lead they deserved but it should have been much more by half time. One notable chance came after a corner where a free header for Lewis from 6 yards out was put agonisingly wide.

Half time arrived and the team were instructed to stop messing around and actually make sure we won. Meanwhile Physics actually had a serious team talk and it appeared to work with their ability increasing significantly. Yet for all their improvements we were still the dominant team and Ben was constantly making dangerous runs down the right. One such run created the next goal as he was wiped out in the box earing a penalty which Rhys calmly slotted in the bottom corner. Physics hit back but for all their efforts they couldn’t get past the brick wall of Marcus and Hall who put in a near perfect display. The game descended into a scrappy affair with Physics struggling to create anything and UWMCCFC failing to be clinical in the final 3rd. We did however manage another goal as a Physics’ defender decided that trying to beat the high press of Rhys and Roche on his own was a good idea. This led to the

ball rolling out to the edge of the box, where a calm and collected Aneesh slotted home.
Finally, we had won a game and a very assured 3-0 as well. Next week brings the new boys of Warwick Medial school who are currently unbeaten in the league.