UWMCCFC .v. Economics FC

Whilst most of UWMCCFC arrived on time and ready to warm up at Skipper Jezza’s requested time of 6:40pm, some spinal members of the team rocked up at 6:59pm for a 7pm Kick-Off. Centre mid Kit, goalkeeper Seb, center back John Mark and forward Taha were clearly more interested in how England were fairing at Twickers than claiming another 3 points for the lads in navy blue on the Tarkett. But despite the lack of substantial warm up, UWMCC boys were at it again with another quick start. There were a couple scares before the opening goal. Econ’s striker found himself though on goal 8 yards out but with the alarmingly large presence of Seb Gemes bearing down on him, his shot was forced wide. Our keeper also attempted his best Caudio Bravo impression from a back-pass that nearly ended in embarrassing disaster. Until Kit Winder opened his account for the night from a exquisite corner. Skipper Roach delivering a sumptuous cross for Kit to rise highest and nod UWMCCFC in front. It didn’t take long for the lead to double with undoubtedly the move of the night. After coming away with the ball in midfield, Beniamino set away down the right flank. Typically, he cut inside to beat his man and drive towards the center of the box. After a tackle from an Econ defender the ball fell to Roach and he plucked out Rhys Probert who had occupied the vacated space on the right wing. Queue an absolutely stunning finish from the marksman. He struck the ball with power, pace and panache with his right foot spectacularly into the top left hand corner. The keeper had no chance. In a post-match interview Rhys commented, “I’ve never hit a ball so cleanly in my life”. A goal of the season contender, surely. At 2-0 the lads started to be a bit more adventurous. A stunning run from Jonny Hall from left-back beating nearly the entire Econ team was evidence of UWMCC’s confidence. Econ had a few though balls from midfield but none of them could find a runner as they were either cut out by the dominant pairing of John Mark and Marcus or collected by Seb who commanded his area well. Just before the half, the game was put to bed by a rather speculative effort from Kit some 30 yards out. Having noticed that their keeper was rather village, Winder decided to try his luck and the firm strike found its way through the keepers “gloves” and into the goal for 3-0. As the saying goes: if you don’t buy a ticket, you don’t win the raffle. The inspirational half time team talk was along the lines of, “They’re not very good. They don’t have a real keeper, just shoot on sight.” Some expert eavesdropping from Jonny Hall revealed that they were planning to “hit the channels”, which UWMCC confidently dismissed, being 3 to the good and looking for a few more. However, the Econ started the second period the more threatening side. The first noticeable action of the half was Marcus bringing an Econ player down in the box and giving away a penalty. Despite cries of “But I won the ball!” the pen was duly dispatched as Seb was sent the wrong way to provide Econ with a way back into the game. 3-1, game on, next goal crucial. And Econ had the chance to get that all-important next goal whilst UWMCCFC were on the back foot. One of their strikers beat the center backs and was though on goal, only for Seb to get a toe in as the striker tried to round him and the favorable bounce meant the ball ended up fortunately at Seb’s feet. A lucky escape… As the game became more stretched, it was halted by a rather curious incident. After fouling Beniamino, one of the Econ players managed to quite gruesomely dislocate his finger, prompting the ref to absolutely leg it to get help. While he was finding assistance, the chap summoned his inner David Pocock and just snapped it back in again. The break in play did allow UWMCC to refocus and take control again and when the chance came to dismiss all thoughts of a comeback, Kit didn’t disappoint. Another speculative long-range effort, this time with his left foot, prompted their goalie to juggle the ball into the goal for 4-1 and Kit’s hat-trick! UWMCCFC had the chance to further widen the gap when the ball fell the Rhys from another Jezza corner, only for him to blaze over from short range. As it happened Econ got the next goal from a well-worked move ending in an accurate finish form the left side of the box into the far corner, past Seb’s despairing dive. Even at 4-2 though, there were chances to add to the lead. As the captain used his bench extensively, subbing himself on and off for Taha several times, Jonny Hall found himself given a role up top for the last five minutes, much to his delight and much to the confusion of the rest of team. Instantly the ingenious switch had an impact as Hall ghosted past defenders to the byline and cut it back for Beniamino to send his shot high and handsome and extend his already lengthy goal drought and 4-2 it finished. Overall another good win with commanding performances from Kit and Dan Lewis in midfield. Jaimen had a solid game at right back and Tim Ozanne made another outstanding UWMCCFC contribution. Many thanks must go to ringer Alex who grew into the game nicely and caused real problems for the econ right back. Obviously it’s hard to look beyond Kit Winder for Man of the Match for his perfect hat-trick but a very good team performance isn’t to be overlooked.