UWMCCFC v Economics (2)

Boots on and testicles securely located inside stomachs UWMCCFC were more than aptly prepared for their fixture against an economics side on Saturday evening. The boys arrived a few minutes before the intended kick off time and began to discuss shape, tactics and aggression levels as they awaited for the inevitably delayed kick off. With a squad of 13, UWMCCFC had greater depth in numbers than captain Aneesh could of dreamed of just days before.

The boys set up in the ultimate Brexit formation of 4-4-2 with Aneesh and Jacob leading the line, Calum and Dan Lewis pulling the strings, Kushal and Calum’s mate holding fort at the back whilst Thor was located between the sticks. Ivan, Murphy, Calum’s friend and Cian provided the width and Owen provided very loud coughing from the sideline.

The boys started strongly dominating the early proceedings with Calum looking particularly lively in the centre of midfield whilst long balls down the line from the full backs were chased with great ambition by Roach. But disaster struck early on when Calum’s friend went down clutching his hamstring to be replaced by an eager Calum’s buddy who displayed some questionable defending at times during his stint on the pitch. Econ grew into the game but conceded arguably against the run of play when some beautiful interplay and determination from Roach and Calum led to Roach being able to tap home from close range and open up his account for the season.
Econ unfortunately hit back soon after capitalising on the sole occasion the UWMCCFC defence displayed loose behaviour previously only associated with Samay Shah.

The game appeared to be slowing down towards the end of the first half with econ dominating possession but doing little with the ball with their attacks normally seeing the ball trickle into Thor’s gloves. However the game sparked back into life just before half time with Calum clocking his second assist of the game as he floated a free kick into Aneesh who headed home similarly to Mustafi for the mighty Arsenal just hours earlier (Cya Spurs). 2-1 was how the score remained for the rest of the half.

Half time team talk made and one key change occurring as Owen came on at left back for Calum’s buddy. A strange position for such a darby player to hold but under the instruction to not gamble at any point Essex’s answer to Steve Mcnulty (look him up) played more as a left centre back with Murphy taking up most of the attacking responsibilities for our left hand side.

Econ dominated the second half and had most of the ball, but like Thor at Kasbah the Monday previously, Econ demonstrated little penetrative ability. Dan Lewis and Kushal swapped positions, with Dan demonstrating a number of textbook aggressive tackles on the tricky wingers of Econ, one of whom was crunched multiple times by both Dan and Owen yet survived to see the game out.

The game was meandering to a tense and nervy ending when a clearance from Owen found Calum who managed to find Aneesh who slotted home his second and UWMCCFC’s third sealing the game and 3 much deserved points for the club.

The game was a great example of a battling performance with everyone putting in the hard miles necessary to win at this level.