UWMCCFC .v. ChemSoc FC

Teamsheet; Chapple, Seb, Hall, Jewson, Jaimin, Chase, Ross (Joe’s flatmate), Bexson, Jayaram, Ben (Jewson’s mate) Subs; Ballington, Tom (Turner’s Mate) Bench Warmers (fans); Joe, Tim, Turner, Josh (Ryan’s flatmate) Crowd; Tasty

The week started poorly when regulars Lewis and Marcus told me of their unavailability, this was made even more problematic when only 6 people indicated they could play. After much persuasion Ryan Chase was convinced to play (the excuse my flat are busy doesn’t work when a flatmate sat next to me says he can play). Desperation told when freshers Joe and Tim as well as Turner and Josh were recruited (rumours that none of them had played a competitive game of football. However things improved later in the week when Jewson and Turner both recruited mates who have footballing ability, along with the return of Jayaram to Tarkett, things were looking up. The very late addition (discovered during pres for kasbah) of Ross only improved our chances but meant we were hideously overstaffed. Many apologies to the bench warmers to which I owe a purple (if they actually read this), nevertheless they were suitably entertained by Tasty and his ‘explosive’ videos.

The game started like our season so far, sloppily, when an early corner for Chem Soc travelled across the entirety of the box untouched before a Chem Soc player smashed the ball into the unfortunate Jayaram and then in. The early goal gave the opposition a sense of optimism for an easy game. However we failed to disprove these feelings as a very sloppy defensive performance ensued, backed up by a complete lack of attacking options, the game was not looking promising. However with the late arrival of Turner’s mate to bolster our attacking options we managed to create some attacks especially considering the lack of pace they had at the back. This still did nothing to help with the defence and after the midfield fell asleep, who failed to follow their runners, leading to another goal for Chem Soc. Some of the few positives from the half was Ben’s every willingness to run, Seb’s ability to win every header (even if they all went backwards) and Chapple seeing if was bigger than the striker with an almighty body check.

The second half was of a lot better quality with Ross’ hard work in midfield and Ben’s probing runs deep into the Chem soc’s half. Yet for all our hard work they scored again and 3-0 was a long way to crawl back from. After a formation change sticking Bexson and Tom upfront, we were definitely the better side. After a lovely through ball from midfield Tom was unlucky to see his shot drift wide. To give them credit Chem soc defended admirably and it seemed that it was to be another frustrating match for UWMCCFC. We did grab a consolation late in the game after another great run by Ben the ball fell to Bexson on the edge of the box where his scuffed shot managed to chip the keeper perfectly. It was yet another disappointing result however with good optimism after the second half performance. Again many thanks to everyone who helped out and we hope for better fortunes against engineering next week.

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