UWMCC vs Warwick CC and Binley Woods

Game 1: UWMCC vs Warwick CC

UWMCC, consisting of Ed Cooper, Jack Sadler, Kishan-Kieran Patel, James Murphy and debutants Sam Platt and Oli Carter, headed (with some much improved driving on show from Captain Cooper) to the first game of an evening with two fixtures spurred on by Cooper declaring it as “the biggest day in my Cov indoor career”. Following a sharp warm up we were sent in to bat with Sadler and Patel opening up against their arch rivals Warwick CC’s strong bowling attack. The tension against playing Warwick was evident with a tentative start including Sadler being nabbed through an outrageous slip catch off the netting in the first over. A dismayed Sadler, after his first Cov Indoor dismissal, brought in the captain, Cooper. Some tight bowling restricted runs but Patel and Cooper kept the scoreboard ticking with threes becoming more frequent. Pressure was slightly lifted by a 6 from Patel but Cooper was out caught after steadying the innings in the same over, bringing in debutant Carter to bat. Patel continued along, retiring to allow Murphy to join Carter. A nicely placed 6 from Carter preceded the quick wickets of Murphy and Carter after some sharp fielding. In the final over Patel was run out and Carter eventually caught off the nets leaving UWMCC with the modest total of 74.

A rallying of the troops by Captain Cooper led to a strong start from the boys with tight fielding backing up some exceptional indoor bowling from Platt and Murphy, choking up the runs for Warwick CC. A breakthrough runout in the third over from Murphy increased the pressure and defending the total of 74 became increasingly realistic as the batsmen struggled to score. Good fielding brought about another run out followed by a very questionable not out decision from the Warwick CC square-leg umpire. As Carter and Murphy kept their lines and length it became clear the game was going down to the wire. A good innings from the Warwick CC captain kept them in the game but a spectacular 9th over from Carter, going for just 4 and taking two wickets left 7 being needed off the final six balls. A stellar start from Murphy with a dot ball and a mix up led to the last man standing eventually needing 2 off the final delivery. Despite the heroics in a great fielding and bowling performance a 3 off the final ball sealed victory for Warwick CC, leaving UWMCC pleased with their showing in the second innings but ultimately deflated after another close final over loss.

Game 2: UWMCC vs Binley Woods

After a slightly dispiriting defeat Cooper decided to bowl against Binley Woods. Once again Platt, Carter and Murphy kept runs to a minimum with dot balls being bowled consistently. Murphy and Carter picked up 2 wickets (great ‘team’ catches off the nets) each in their early overs leaving the batsmen content to block out singles and stick in. Another for Murphy was followed by a change up through the loopy Sadler, respectably conceding only 7 runs. Tight work from the trio of Platt, Carter and a final wicket for Murphy resulted in a target of 47.

Carter and Sadler opened up, playing the ball nicely into the gaps at will and picking up boundaries. A few misjudgements led to the run-outs of Sadler and Patel, leaving Carter and Cooper to continue the chase. A stunning piece of work in the field, completely out of the blue it must be said, left Cooper stranded from his crease without facing. With the final few runs to make Platt, who seemingly had had enough of waiting around, slapped a straight six and finished off the chase with Carter finishing up on 14 not out. A win, perhaps made more difficult than it should have been, ended the day for UWMCC who headed back having played some good cricket but still seeking to avenge the loss against Warwick CC.