UWMCC vs Per Gende FC

Team sheet; Kraus, Jaimin, Marcus, Hall, Chattle, Dan, Haslam, Clobber, Bexson, Jacob, Platt. Sub; Rhys Probert.

This week the UWMCCFC took on Per Gende FC, “arguably” the weakest side in group A of the Warwick Active Saturday League. Having been thrashed 7-0 the weekend before, the UWMCCFC players were wide-eyed at the prospect of propelling themselves up the goalscoring charts. With that in mind, Platty decided to play two CDMs.

In the first half goals flowed for the UWMCCFC but not in the artistic manner Platt was hoping for. Nevertheless, Clobber opened the scoring with a good shot from about eight yards out to beat the keeper early on. Next, Bexson scored his first of the day with some neat play in the penalty area. For the third, Jaimin made a Jordi Alba-esque run forward, played a one-two with Platty on the wing and slotted the ball into the top left corner of the goal. Finally, to make it 4-0 before half-time, Jacob received the ball from a good cross from Clobber and placed it through the legs of the man on the line.

The half-time talk consisted of Platty bemoaning the lack of flowing football and positional play, insisting that if we “played a good 20 minutes, then Kraus and Hall can go up front”. With the game dead and buried, it seemed an opportune moment to work on some of that “training ground stuff” in an effort to keep the UWMCCFC players awake through half an hour of what was likely the most boring game ever witnessed on Tarkett.

In the second half, the UWMCCFC got their mojo back. The artistic football returned with a lovely lofted through ball from Jacob to set Dan one-on-one with the keeper, which he calmly lifted the ball over to score. Next, a good cross from the right hand side led to a loose ball in the area which Haslam ran onto and powered into the top left corner to give the UWMCCFC the 6 goal cushion which they were craving. For the seventh, Platty scored a weak-footed free kick. Having played some good football for 17 minutes or so Platty decided to move Kraus and Hall up front in an effort to liven up the game. Bexson grabbed his second and our eighth with a powerful shot along the ground which beat the keeper for pace. From a corner, Marcus rose like a salmon to score a fantastic diving header which again beat the keeper for pace (it should be apparent by now that he wasn’t very good). Rhys broke into the box and slotted left-footed past the keeper to bring up double figures and finally Marcus, ever the arial threat, scored another powerful header from a corner. Some near misses included a Kraus free kick from about 30 yards which hit the outside of the post and a Marcus volley from a similar distance which must have gone some way to breaking the crossbar.

In summary, it was a standard 11-0 win for the UWMCCFC. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I hope that Matchday put up more of a fight next week.

Goals scored; Clobber, Bexson (x2), Jaimin, Jacob, Dan, Haslam, Platt, Marcus (x2), Rhys