Historic. This year’s first Cov Indoor Match was certainly that. It was the Women’s Cricket Club’s first competitive fixture, which we hope sparks a development of a Women’s team as many continue to come to the dedicated women’s sessions and this could be the starting place for a BUCS championship win in the summer. It was also historic as it seemed to be the first time Fresher Rory had ever held a bat. Finally, it was historic as not a single stall occurred from start to finish on the journey there and back (Ed Cooper eat your heart out).

5pm had come and gone. Fresh Rory, Owen, Ivan, CSK and Jonathan had all turned up eager to impress hearing that the President was captaining, little did they know what awaited them at the Covstad. Warwick Sport efficiently provided us with two sets of keys, one for the women’s wagon and the other for the Men’s machine and we were off.

Once we arrived both the women’s and men’s team were shocked at just how small the indoor arena was. For those who haven’t been, it is essentially about the same size as trying to play cricket in a bathtub that has elastic sides. We were greeted by the man himself Eaton Gordon as the league has been upgraded this year to have better umpires (well people that know the rules at least) and he explained the rules to us.

Dan won the toss and decided to put the women in the field. CSK and Jonathan opened knowing that if they got out they would go down in history as the University of Warwick Women’s Cricket Teams first wicket. CSK answered his call to open the batting with a fine display of hitting which has got IPL selectors thinking already, he reached 27 and retired of only 10 balls. Jonathan meanwhile steadily grew into the game also retiring on 25. At this stage Hannah and Hetty, the women’s bowlers, were excited by the prospect of taking their first wicket but in came Ivan to spoil the fun. He built well with Jonathan mainly allowing the score to build through wides which the women were very nice to give to us. By the 5th over the boys were on 53 and Sophia came on to steady the ship. The girls had been waiting for this all day, finally they would get to see their coach, president and hero bowl. Ivan paying her no respect dispatched her over for 17 runs and Sophia hasn’t been seen bowling since. With some tight bowling by the girls we crept up to 114-0 off 9 overs. The guys were excited thinking, could we get 150 if Rory hits 6 sixes? But no, Rory managed to block the last over with it only going for 3, 3 wides. The coaches at Lisvane in Cardiff had better have a long hard look at themselves as he was clueless.  The Men finished on 117 off their 10 overs with Hannah the pick of the Women’s bowlers.

The Women’s chase got off to a solid start for the first 4 balls before Owen bowled Hetty straight through the gate to spark wild celebrations around the Covstad. Amelia and Hannah then rebuilt the innings well taking a liking to Rory with his first over going for 11 runs. However, by the 6th Over the Women were 28-5 with Sophia left as their last women standing. Some great running, some big wides, and some good defense from Sophia meant that the Women got passed fifty, and finished on 61 – 5 off their 10 overs, Sophia staying in all the way.

A first game that can be built on for the Women with many playing a competitive cricket match for the first time. Keep those wides down and they would have had a chance. However, for the Men there was no celebratory trip to McDonald’s after the match as we simply didn’t want to be seen out and about with Rory. His 4 off 15 balls and his 11 wides simply didn’t warrant a Super-sized Big Tasty.

Although lots to build on for next week with CSK, Ivan and Jonathan looking particularly impressive and Rory did have a great day in the field.





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