UWMCC .v. Strike

On a cold, refreshing evening, James ‘this is a development season’ Murphy gathered the troops of Seb, Ash, Tim, debutant Jezza and Dan to take on Strike (R.A.sians) in the Arena. With Warwick Sport being shockingly competent we were off out of the car park within minutes to then sit in 30 minutes of traffic just to get to the Bus Stop. The traffic only allowed the team to settle and prepare for the match with NewStar Cricket being played to get out minds ready.

Murphy then lost the toss, ANY; he could already feel Cooper’s dagger eyes chopping into him. Anyway Seb and Dan opened and got off to a flying start for the first 3 balls, with tap and run being the name of the game. An early highlight was Dan’s mesmeric off drive, James Vince like. Next ball however James Vince did what James Vince does best and snicked off. Tim then came in 3, ready to go big with nicknames like ‘the Cov Indoor Joe Root’ flying about on the bus. However he simply missed the ball getting bowled around his legs by a straight one. ‘The Cov Indoor Nicholas Bentner’ maybe a more appropriate nickname. Ash in next, joining Seb and his suicidal tendencies, who had snuck up to 18 already. Ash and Seb rebuilt nicely for an over and then the all pace attack broke through and Ash was gone run out by some indifferent calling from Seb. Next up Jezza. With most people having gone home already after the early wickets as no one expected us to get much more, Jezza then brought the Merriman Express back into the station and went big. With both Seb and Roach playing some lovely shots and running well they retired soon enough and brought Murphy in. Murphy then hit the first 4 with an on drive that was so bearable we didn’t know who had hit it. With some good run out decisions towards the end from Hawk – eye Lewis despite the Sri Lankan level of appealing, Seb and Roach managed to come back in and get us up to a commanding score of 121. Seb finishing with 38, Roach 33* and a captains cameo from Murphy with 28*. After an early collapse, UWMCC were feeling good finally having some runs on the board.

After a non –existent team talk to rally the troops, James ‘Dan isn’t bowling as he bowls too many wides’ Murphy opened the bowling. It’s safe to say he had a shocker. 4 wides, 16 runs, they were off to a flyer. Tim, his partner with the old ball, then came on a bowled a tight over rewarded with a run out after a direct hit from Lewis to the keeper’s end. With their batsmen gone, Jezza, inspired by yesterday’s mid CMD watching of THAT Graeme Swann 6 wicket hall, tore them to shreds. They were 36 – 3 off three overs. Jezza got one to rip and had their opener fantastically caught by Seb off the wall; then perhaps the moment of the day (besides Seb and Roche’s knock and the wild turn Ash got) occurred. Picture it. Lewis was fielding at backward point and watched the ball bounce up off the wall in front of him, he picked it up, ignored the clear run out at the keeper’s end and almost Jaimin Patelled the middle stump at the bowler’s end running out the batsmen. Cue the chair throwing everywhere. Ash and Jezza then turned the screw and finally Tim and Ash grabbed a wicket a piece at the end to have them all out for 60 in 9.3overs.

Overall a great performance of batting, bowling and fielding (except Tim) and the start of the climb up the league table.