UWMCC v Marton

The Sport Connexion, Coventry. It’s the sort of venue that Mike Bushell visits for BBC Breakfast on a Saturday morning as he tries his hand at the latest minority sport. It is also the coldest sports hall in Europe. Yet this glorified shed has a sought of endearing charm to it. Perhaps I only feel this because it is home to Coventry’s premier (and only) indoor cricket league. In the absence of Captain Murphy, Dan Lewis led a makeshift VI out to Ryton on Dunsmore for a bottom of the table clash vs Marton.

UWMCC batted first. An early blow was struck as Jonny Hall was run out for 4 in the first over. Undeterred, Akash and Dan Lewis knuckled down and began picking up runs, taking full advantage of their elderly opponents lack of mobility. However, they both met the same fate as Messr Hall. Akash scoring 18, Dan 23. This brought Stilo and Tim to the crease. After a promising start, Tim became the 4th player to be run out. Merriman followed relatively soon after, being bowled trying to scoop one over his shoulder. Stilo subsequently found himself last man standing. Although lacking fluency, he was able to scratch his way to 26 not out. UWMCC had notched up a satisfactory, if uninspired, 95 off their 10 overs.

Our aging opponents took to the crease with hope of pulling off a surprise victory against the considerably younger, more agile and slicker UWMCC outfit. Any hope for Marton had all but dissipated after the first 2 overs. 9 for 2 with Jonny taking a very sharp stumping off Stilo. Ultimately they never recovered, finishing well short on 71. It would have made far grimmer reading for Marton if it hadn’t been for one Asian member of their side who batted through. Although his obsession with hitting the back wall restricted his effectiveness. All in all it was a relatively comfortable victory for UWMCC. Nonetheless, it was a thoroughly enjoyable early evening with Whitney, Bieber, Dido, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Sloth and Gloria Gaynor providing an eclectic soundtrack to the drive to and from campus. The only question remaining is how has Murphy led the team to multiple defeats in a league we should surely dominate?!