UWMCC .v. Kineton CC

UWMCC, after a winless start to their Cov Indoor campaign against tough opposition in the form of Warwick and Leam CCs, were determined to get a win against this week’s opposition Kyneton CC. This necessitated Murphy picking a batsman-heavy lineup featuring debutant fresher Tim. Also included were fresher Samay, Cov Indoor veteran Ash, fresher-postgrad Seb, and the eager Captain Bozza.

Despite some expert driving from Murphy, the lads nearly met their demise at the hands of some dickhead in a white van, driving blindly out of an intersection into the dual carriageway. However we still managed to arrive at the arena with plenty of time for a much-needed warm-up.

UWMCC won the toss and made the decision to bat first, with Seb and Samay to open. Both batted nicely until Seb was bounced out, bringing ringer Tim to the crease. Samay and Tim batted fluidly until Samar was bowled attempting a reverse sweep. Tim went on to retire (shock) bringing Bozza and Ash to the crease. Ash batted nicely for 14 before being caught attempting to press on. Bozza promptly ran out Murphy and scratched around till the end for 16 (with the exception of one imperious flat-bat pull shot), aided by the returning Tim (26). UWMCC had put on an exceptional 105 with everyone contributing.

Murphy and Bozza opened the bowling and both bowled tightly, with Kyneton running themselves out of the game. Ash and Tim replaced the openers, with everyone collecting wickets or run outs from their bowling. Kyneton fell quite a few runs short, after their special snowflake number 6 was stumped. After their first win, UWMCC will look to build on this success in the coming weeks.