The UWMCC has a proud touring tradition, aiming to hold an international and domestic tour every year. Both create unforgettable experiences with some of your closest university friends. Both tours are open to any club members of any standard and you will be sure to get some game time over the period.

International Tour

Following the successes of tours to South Africa and Barbados in the last two years, UWMCC once again has big plans for the Easter holidays- the club is planning on touring Sri Lanka! The tour will consist of 6 games of cricket against local sides (including playing at an international ground), combined with plenty of non-cricketing activities such as visiting Elephant Orphanages and Turtle Hatcheries. For details of dates, costs and so on, check out the dedicated website page here. For any other queries, feel free to speak to our Tour Sec, Nish Narayanan at any nets or socials. International tour is a great opportunity for both old and new club members, providing a great way for new members to meet other members and really immerse themselves in the club. And remember, first year is by far the best year to go on tour!

Sahara Park Newlands


Dispelling the myths – why you should come on tour!

There are a number of reasons that people may give for not coming on tour and hopefully this section will answer any reservations you may have:

1. Cost – Although the price of the tour is quite substantial (between £1475- £1550 all-inclusive), we are aiming to raise as much money as possible through sponsorship and fundraising events. This will be explored further when we have achieved the minimum number of tourists and paid deposits. It must also be said here that any international tour would easily be one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of your university life and for that you are likely to pay a high cost.

2. Not knowing anyone – this is particularly aimed at freshers! We understand that it is particularly difficult to agree to tour with people you have only recently met. By the time tour happens which is at the end of Term 2, we can guarantee that some of your best friends at the university will be fellow UWMCC members. Come along to our socials as early as possible and you’ll soon realise how welcoming and friendly a club we are!

3. Summer exams – Tour represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many, and we can honestly say that many UWMCC alumni regret choosing revision over international tour! Freshers – first year is your best chance to go before workloads in subsequent years become more important.

Domestic Tour

Our domestic tour takes place at the end of the academic year and travels around the UK, competing against various club sides.

The cost of Domestic Tour is substantially less than International Tour, and runs for a week less. Previous locations have included Southampton, Brighton/Bournemouth, Newcastle and Liverpool/Manchester. For official tour reports, mupdates and photo albums from the past two years, check out our archives section. Mupdates from the Liverpool/Manchester tour, including what Freddie Larkins described as the ‘loosest night out ever’ are well worth a read, and can be found here.

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