Term One- President’s Report

As we come to the end of another busy term I thought it best to take a break from my purple induced state of paralysis to pen some thoughts going into the New Year.

The state of affairs is good, and save the loss of a couple of balls, some yeti headsgone incidents on Wednesday nights and a frightful tie loss, it’s been a positive term. I’m particularly proud of Hayes and his indoor achievements, returning unbeaten from Edgbaston not once but twice. Should the league table gods look favourably upon us then we may be heading to the nationals next year. Clobber’s efforts in the Cov Indoor League should also not go unnoticed. Equally impressive have been Matty van Howe’s efforts on Tarkett with a somewhat weaker squad than in previous years.

It’s been great to see as many fresh getting involved in circle, and last night’s cheeky fresh competition was testament to this. Congratulations to Jaimin on his victory. Reflecting on idiotic lunacy of the night before, I take pleasure in noticing quite how well developed the penchant for sesh is at the moment. A particular highlight this term was the old boys circle, which I felt made up for the disappointment of cricket ball and it was great to see some old faces. Hopefully you’ll join us again in January for the big one! Well done to Kraus for all his efforts this term.

Going into Term 2 the club will of course be at its busiest, with the barnstormer that is varsity rapidly approaching, along with the start of squads coaching sessions and our various charity endeavours. I trust enthusiasm for all these will be as good as ever. I also wanted to update the club on the Desso Hall mats situation. To cut to the chase; we are pretty confident these will be replaced at some point in term two, hopefully in time for week one. But one never knows the precise time frames with these things.

I wanted to end briefly with the death of Philip Hughes, it would be inappropriate not to. At his funeral Michael Clarke paid a moving tribute which bought a tear to my eye. He could not be more correct when he said that the events of last week have shown us exactly what the spirit of this great game is. Phil died doing what each of us (myself, to a lesser extent) love doing day in day out. I think that gives us all a bit of perspective heading into what will be a successful new year.

Chaps, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, don’t darb up excessively and I will see you all in week one.