Sponsorship Until July 2018

This year we are working with Teamo to help them develop their team management application and to help us organise fixtures, availability and socials.

Here is some information about Teamo from their website; https://teamo.chat/

“As a company of sport enthusiasts, and having run, managed and coached teams in the past we understand the effort and frustrations that can go into organising a match or having every member of the team turn up at the right time for training.

With the 2017/18 season fast approaching, we wanted to ensure that sign up and registration processes are made as simple as ever. We have therefore been working hard to bring you even more features to teamo to make being part of a team easier than ever. ”

We hope this partnership will benefit both parties and it will be rolled out to all players soon! It will aide us in picking teams, organising training and making sure we can contact everyone easily!

Please use the App as much as possible and  if you have any feedback or improvements that you would like to see contact our President Dan Lewis by email (d.lewis.3@warwick.ac.uk), facebook or Teamo chat!!