President’s Report – Term 2, 2016/17

President’s Termly Report – Term 2

As UWMCC members unsuspectingly returned from the Christmas holidays with darbs fattened, Captain Rooty lay in wait concocting his evil plans of fitness training for all. Upon discovery of this vicious plan some members cried into their Jins while others took drastic action and faked a foot injury, though not one too serious to stop them going out. Regardless, Term 2 got underway.

I think it is probably fair to say that Term 2 is somewhat of a build-up for the main event that is the BUCS season in Term 3. However, that is not to say that the club has been inactive, far from it in fact. Antonio Rochte once again led the football team onto the hallowed ‘turf’ of Tarkett, but our heroes flattered to deceive, playing magnificently one week and awfully the next. Some fans cried for blood, but with the only alternative being Dan Goodyear and his ‘just don’t lose’ philosophy, the club quite rightly continued to back Mr Roche. With some backing in the transfer market who knows what might happen next season. On the 5-a-side pitch form was much better, Roche and Lewis leading their respective teams to a series of good results. Champions League places were secured and only goal difference stopped us progressing in the FA People’s Cup.

Moving on from the football, Captain Murphy and his merry men returned to the Coventry Indoor league. Buoyed by the relative success of a ‘development’ term before Christmas; Murphy, Tim, Seb and others dared to dream. Yet much like Arsenal early season, hope quickly turned into winter despair, the cold dark nights of January and February taking their toll on the fresh dominated team.

This disappointment aside this term has been a positive one in a cricketing sense. It saw the return of Complete Cricket coaches Spiro and Milnes to squads training sessions. Resulting in more focused skill-based sessions, which we hope will bear fruit in the summer. Some credit must go to the Captains for helping to organize such quality sessions. On a similar note we have an outdoor pre-season day with Complete Cricket to look forward to, as well as 1st and 2nd team friendlies against Birmingham before the BUCS season gets underway.

On the charitable front UWMCC under the watchful eye of Ferdi continued to perform well. Ten brave (or foolish) clubmen took to the streets of Warwick for the annual torment that is the half-marathon, raising £1478.50 for the British Heart Foundation in the process. Congratulations to everyone that participated in particular all of those who broke the magical two hour barrier, thank you to those who donated and condolences to Captain Bozza who could not run due to his sabbatical from all club activity. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say I am looking forward to the charity match against ‘Faire is the XI’ on the Sunday of week 8.

As ever one of the highlights of the year was the Easter International Tour, this year to South Africa. While not strictly a part of Term 2, I want to take this opportunity to thank Kinners for all the work that he put in to make this happen. I am sure that each and every tourist can attest to the fact that it was a great two weeks. For those of you who want to know more please see Bozza’s daily updates on Facebook. Or alternatively have a peruse through Dan Goodyear’s selfie album, generously put together by Senor Larkins for your viewing pleasure.

Looking further ahead to the end of Term 3, fresh Tim and Seb along with foundation year Joe are in control of this year’s domestic tour, which will be heading to Bristol and Cardiff. As always this should prove to be a suitable end to the year. Between now and then Tasty might actually organize a golf day and more pertinently there is a lot of cricket to play. Including the annual friendly against the MCC at Leam CC as well as hopefully a friendly against some of UWMCC’s finest old boys, and Cooper.

That’s all for now (What Varsity?),