President’s Report- Term 1

As we finally get a chance to relax after the hectic schedules of the winter term; packed with essay deadlines, exams, curries and purples, it would be fair to say that we can look back on the last ten weeks as a hugely positive period for the club.

One of our priorities this term has been to raise our charity profile, especially after not being able to run the half marathon back in February. This term therefore we have established a charity partnership with the Campaign Against Living Miserably, who work to prevent male suicide, and remove the stigma around male mental health issues. Special mention goes to Qasim Afzal who organised our Christmas fundraiser for them in Week 10. Furthermore we have secured a sponsorship agreement with Teach First, who play a key role in getting students from the poorest backgrounds into higher education. However, our charity work doesn’t end there! Master of facial hair Freddie Reynard led our cracking Movember effort, in which we raised £2234, more than almost the rest of the University societies/clubs combined. Finally, let us not forget our CMD success; after years of heartbreak and sorrow, a cracking team effort full of bhangra moves, sprinklers and hip thrusts saw us to glory. An undoubtedly extraordinary way to end the term, with Jonny Hall describing it as his favourite day ever.

In terms of the clubs social side, Freddie Larkins has worked tirelessly to entertain us over the term. Jonny Hall provided us early access to the absorbing documentary, Death of a Gentleman, leading us to question the state of the game we love. We have had a good intake of freshers once again this year, culminating in a very memorable Cheeky Fresh, seeing Dan Lewis storm to victory under the Yeti’s guidance. Who knew that a Welshman could drink more than 6 pints. As always, Cricket Ball was the highlight of the social calendar, with 23 rowdy old boys returning to see the entertaining Gladstone Small regale us with stories about Gatting’s favourite meal and Joel Garner’s anatomy.

Indoor BUCS has been relatively low key this term, with UWMCC only playing 2 games so far – one win and one loss. Hopefully as the indoor season ramps up in 2016 we shall see some more wins and some good preparation for Varsity. Cooper and his Cov Indoor side ran into some difficulties this term, but much like the Bishop I’m sure he’ll be back next term hungrier than ever. Squad training under coaches starts next term, and we shall be working as hard as ever to restore some pride to the club after a couple of disappointing years on the pitch. Alas, I must briefly express my disappointment in the reduction of Varsity, making it 1 game as opposed to 3. This has enormously detracted from the event and I fear we won’t witness heroic performances of years gone by. On the football pitch, despite a shaky start Sam Platt has led the UWMCCFC to success, as we finish the term top of the league and thus qualify for the main competition. All of this whilst we still don’t know how to defend a set piece.

Finally, congratulations to Nishanth Narayanan, who has managed to get 21 tourists on board for Sri Lanka this March – it looks like a cracking tour, and perhaps we will secure that elusive victory abroad. The Liam David legacy lives on.

Have a fantastic Christmas everybody, take it easy on the pigs in blankets if you’re running next terms half marathon – that goes for you too Yeti.