President’s Report – Term 1 (2013/14)

After a renegade end of term report posted on the Bulletin Board this last week, here is my official report of Term One’s activities.

Typically the winter term is the quietest of the three terms for the UWMCC, this is however not to say that we have not had an action packed ten weeks, which has seen the club take many positive steps forward.

The most significant improvement, I believe, the club has made over the last couple of months is the unveiling of a new website. This has added a professional online presence to our club that has once again become the focal point of the our online activities. This was not an easy task and in light of this Povey deserves tremendous credit for the hard work he has put in to get the new site up and running. In addition to this I would also like to extend praise to Liam. The club over the last few years, for numerous reasons, has failed to put on an international tour. Liam since taking on this position has worked extensively to try and remedy this. The result of this hard work is that the UWMCC will be playing some cricket in Cape Town this Easter.

On the playing side, Neds and the captains have been thoroughly impressed with the high standards shown in the first seven weeks of term that culminated in a holistic selection process. I add my congratulations to all those who have been lucky enough to make squads this year. Once again the club has entered the Coventry indoor league, ably captained by Barclay. Barclay and the boys played very well to win all but one game and will look to carry this momentum into next term. Faal has led the club in the BUCS indoor league and despite a disappointing loss to Coventry, this has been an invaluable arena in which to blood some of the fresh so we are once again prepared for Varsity at the end of term two.

The club once gain has had some lively socials. The huge club meal held at Millennium Balti at the end of week three, which saw many fresh make their first appearance at a club social, many packed circles as well as Ashes viewings in the last few weeks of term, illustrate that the club’s social scene is as vibrant as ever. The highlight of the club’s social calendar was undoubtedly Cricket Ball, with special guest Matthew Hoggard. This was the most well attended event of recent memory, with many old boys once again coming back for the evening. I would like to extend my gratitude to Denne and Mits for organising it.

UWMCCFC, despite a questionable selection policy, has started the season strongly, going unbeaten throughout the term. Captain Thomas will look to ensure that the team does not encounter its post Christmas blues this year

The club this year has developed on the trend started last year by partaking in more university wide events. Several of the boys stripped off for the Warwick Sport Naked Calendar and despite some mentally scarring sights, have become the faces of September. Fourteen dedicated clubmen swallowed their pride to compete in CMD’s dance competition and Jewson deserves huge credit for taking on the mantle of organising the club’s challenge this year.

We will look to carry this momentum into next year. With the return of Spiro et al to our coaching sessions, further Focus Club workouts, numerous charitable activities, Varsity and more packed socials, 2014 could be a memorable year with which to be associated with the UWMCC.

Simon Knott

(President, Bitter Goal Keeper, Never on it)