• What is still to do?  

Put any confirmed dates on there (e.g Invade). Tour stuff (FN) 

  • Meet the exec done? 

All done 

  • Alumni Section  (TD, PM, JW) 
  • Facebook posts- still flog them 

Possible clarendon socials (eat out to help out + circle). Need to finalise with Patient. 

Possible outdoor circle. Chundering outside is allowed. 

Complete Cricket- 

  • Create GC- contact has been made with Milno/Jamo/Dex  (JW) 

Group chat ready to be made 

  • Results from captains meeting- discussions with UWWCC? 

Women’s have swapped a session with us. 

  • Get coaching forms filled out (JW PM) 

Need to be send to Chloyd asap. 


  • Send out updated sponsorship pack (PM) 

Has been sent to AB Inbev 


  • Confirmation of kit orders (EC) 

Should be at SU by 21st September. 

  • Progress on ties?  (EC) 

Should be delivered soon. Will bring them up when I move in (EC) 


  • Get in contact with ITBTT and OUC (OS) 

Rudi to video call ITBTT. Ollie has contacted CMD. Waiting on reply. Possible Term 1 1H1B. Possible discounts on kit if we raise money for Olly’s contact’s charity.  


  • What quote are we going to decide on? (FN) + all 

Edwin Doran seems the safer option (we should get our money back if things go wrong). We will go with that 


  • Alumni- Invades (JW TD PM) 

Possible Old Boys bar crawl. Emails + Facebook 


  • Wednesday alternative needed 

Possible circles in Balti. JP needs to make contact asap. 

  • Sort Bar Crawl with Women’s hockey 

Groups of 6 to follow covid guidelines  

  • Cricket Ball 

Probably Term 2 

  • Invades 

14th Nov @Warwick race course. Club will get some money per ticket we sell. Possible Old Boys event. 

  • Contact Balti (see if they can host club meal)  


  • Any progress made in making contact with ITBTT and OUC 

See Charities 

  • Facebook post so people know who to approach 


  • BUCS Indoors 

Captains meeting soon to dicsuss with Sohayl.  

  • Training breakdown 

See captains meeting on Teams.