1. Cricket (JB, SU, NS, SH, KT, HR) 
  • Training sessions (how are we managing allocated slots?) -> any more headway with WS potential? 

We got outdoor slots. Jabzy emailed Performance but not much luck yet. Sohayl will email to push for another Performance session. Not able to meet KPIs otherwise. TO DO: Sohayl needs to get in touch with Groundsman to discuss outdoor  

  • Warwick Sport are annoying


  • Tasters & Trials 

Trials early as possible. Provisionally Week 2 tasters, Week 3 and 4 trials. Call squads ‘Training Groups’ as the Squads won’t be as accurate. Emphasise fluidity between groups as we don’t want people to be put off. 

  • WS Performance Squad KPIs -> allocation impacts 

      See first bullet point 

  • Indoor friendlies -> necessity of training? 

TO DOSohayl to organise fixture with Cov for Week 1 Wednesday 

  • Covid-19 precautions (hand sanitizers etc.) 

TO DO: Josh is Covid Sec. Email regarding WS coverage outside. 

  • Complete Cricket -> keep them in the loop 
  • Cov Indoor (EC) 

I will email tomorrow (EC) 

  1. Sponsorship (PM) 
  • Shire Grill Sponsorship agreement  

Contract to be signed. Very similar to last year. 

  • Virgin Media Broadband deal  

£50 profit so far 

  • Grants 

Should receive them Week 2. 

  1. Stash (EC) 
  • When does stash arrive (who picks it up to distribute etc.) 

I will email tomorrow to see how it’s stored. Nath may pick up if easy enough 

  • How do we sell ties to freshers  

Club Meal!! 

  1. Socials (JW, JP) 
  • Bar Crawl logistics  
  • W3 Club Meal? 
  • Other social events? How do we include new freshers? 

TO DO: Patient contact Clarendon for Wings Wednesday 

TO DO: Patient contact Thanos from Kasbah 

  • Invades 

Probably won’t go ahead 

  1. P & C (JW, TD) 
  • Is the website updated?  
  • Shire Grill publicity  
  • More freshers posts (more variety in posts)  
  • What emails need to be sent out (JW alumni email / group?) 
  1. Charity (OS) 
  • Fantasy Premier League  
  • Other events?  

FB page post regarding if anyone has a suggested charity. 

Organise Freshemon! 

Keep in contact with CMD. 

  1. Tour (FN) 
  • Communications with ED?  
  • Preparing presentations for tour signups (how will this run?) 
  1. Welfare (RB) 
  • Any progress made in making contact with ITBTT and OUC? 

All OUC sessions are online at the moment. Rudi needs to attend certain talks. Keep instagram active. TO DO: Facebook post for Rudi to introduce himself. Idea; Private insta story to promote club events. 

  1. Welcome Week  
  • Sports day/fair (allocating slots) 

TO DO: Potential promotional video. Cheers Tom. 

  • How do we get freshers to sign up / join mailing list 

TO DO: Tom look into QR code. Standing in pairs in the piazza in stash and holding up the QR code.  

  • What needs to be prepared for it.