• What needs to be improved? (TD) 

Club logo, SA running challenge on club info, KPIs for performance, social calendar, sponsorship (email shire first), alumni newsletters, put link to website in alumni emails, new tab for minutes of meetings    

  • Articles need to be rewritten and updated for the 2020/21 year 
  • Exec meeting notes- where to publish (EC) (TD) 

New tab on website and weekly emails 

  • Alumni network (JW) (PM) (TD) 

Create group chat and update alumni section on website. 

Complete Cricket: 

  • Make contact (JW) 

Make groupchat tonight/tomorrow morning 

Kit order: 

  • Need to order 50 ties and secure the 8 leftovers from last year (EC) (PM) 

Will do over the 15th and 16th July 

  • All exec must look to get printed stash ASAP (EC) 

Contact has been made with Akuma. Should be ordered by the end of this week. 


  • Where did people vote for? (FN) 

We’re going to barbados!! 


  • Charities sec and captains applications (TD) (JW) 
  • Aim to send out Wednesday 15th  
  • Application deadline Friday 24th 
  • Release captains 29th 
  • Contact SU about setting up online charity sec elections (JW) 
  • Aim for the end of the month 


  • Online workshops 
  • Social Media presence? 

FB post from Rudi saying who he is and how he can help 

Action Plans: 

  • Everyone (exec members) to hand in an action plan to tackle problems posed by covid 19 by 20th July 

Bullet points on how you’d tackle different potential scenarios is fine