The Exec and Captains

The Exec

Henry Bexson, President

Nickname: Becks/Bex
Year and course: 3rd Year, Philosophy
Playing role: Top-order batsman/medium pacer/wannabe off-spinner
Cricketing hero: Captain Bozza
Claim to fame: Once pulled Kabir Ali for 4, only mildly top edgy
Favourite UWMCC moment: Slog sweep for 6 at Galle International Stadium
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: Myself (possibly with a backstop)
  • 1st: Michael Phelps (big feet, therefore big hands?)
  • 2nd: Lance Armstrong (master of the Dark Arts)
  • 3rd: Bogan Aussie (chat)
  • Gully: Margot Robbie (a sight for sore eyes)

Jaimin Patel, Treasurer

Nicknames: J$, J-money
Year and course: 3rd Year, Economics
Playing role: Agressive batting all-rounder
Cricketing hero: Kapil Dev
Claim to fame: Once dropped three times at mid-off by Australia’s third choice goalkeeper from the Brazil 2014 World Cup in a club match
Favourite UWMCC moment: Qasim’s RKO on Cooper at circle
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: MS Dhoni (pure inspiration)
  • 1st: Bigfoot (probably has big hands)
  • 2nd: Mark Waugh (sledging purposes)
  • 3rd: Sean Lock
  • Gully: Dwayne Leverock (pretty sure the man can fly)

Jacob Sargeant, Club Captain

Nickname: Rooty
Year and course: 4th Year, Chemistry
Playing role: Batting all-rounder
Cricketing hero: Joe Root
Claim to Fame: Being offered a lift home after Cricket Ball by Matthew Hoggard, only to be kicked out of his car for not remembering where I lived
Favourite UWMCC moment: Winning Varsity in 2015
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: AB de Villiers (is there anything he can’t do?)
  • 1st: Kaley Cuoco
  • 2nd: Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff (“mind the windows, Tino”)
  • 3rd: David Beckham (What a bloke!)
  • Gully: Anyone as long as it’s not Rob Kraus

Dan Lewis, General Secretary 
Nickname: Cheeky
Year and course: 2nd Year, Economics
Playing role: Top-order batsman with bowling talents yet to be used
Cricketing hero: Ricky Ponting
Claim to fame: Welsh (like Gareth Bale)
Favourite UWMCC moment: Batting with Yeti .v. Worcester’s K. Ambrose/Cheeky fresh/Both tours
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: Yeti (no need to explain)
  • 1st: Joe Ledley (for those dance moves)
  • 2nd: Freddie Flintoff (chief sledger, especially post-circle)
  • 3rd: Shane Watson (quality, but far enough away to not waste a review)
  • Gully: AB de Villiers (no chat, but unbelievable)

Matt Tembey, Social Secretary

Nickname: Tasty
Year and course: 2nd Year, Economics
Playing role: On the sidelines with a pint. Semi-gash batsmen if required.
Cricketing hero: Joel Garner
Claim to fame: Played rugby with Jason Robinson as a junior (almost certain I stepped him). Opening the door for Johnny Vegas comes a close second though.
Favourite UWMCC moment: The Henry Hayes and Big Tasty belly button challenge or the matador game. Basically anything involving Hayes
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: Donald Trump (so we can all see him make a tit of himself, especially when I chuck some balls down the leg side)
  • 1st: The Great Khali (I think bucket hands are an understatement)
  • 2nd: Margot Robbie (my future wife)
  • 3rd: Big Sam Allardyce: The man has an unbelievable managerial record to see us through to victory
  • Gully: Ghandi (managed a 21-day hunger strike so could definitely take a screamer)

Henry Bowen, Publicity and Communciations

Nicknames: Boeen, (Captain) Bozza
Year and course: 3rd Year, Chemistry
Playing role: Off-spinner and wannabe batsman
Cricketing hero: Moeen Ali
Claim to fame: Trained with an England IT20 squad at Old Trafford
Favourite UWMCC moment: Tommy Lawson’s switch-hit six on Club Day
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: AB de Villiers (gun bat and undoubtedly a gun bloke)
  • 1st: Dara O’Briain (great humour and bucket hands)
  • 2nd: Joe Root (safe hands, gun bat)
  • 3rd: Countdown’s Rachel Riley (solid 10/10)
  • Gully: Jimmy Harris (outrageous chat would get out any bastman)

Michael Kynaston, Tour Secretary

Nickname: Kinners, Kimmer
Year and course: 3rd Year, History
Playing role: ‘Mystery’ spinner, sweep-shot specialist
Cricketing hero: Nishanth Narayanan
Claim to fame: Got told off for chatting in the slips by Alec Stewart
Favourite UWMCC moment: Bowling Adeel Quack for a golden duck
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: Niles Crane (for his banana catching ability)
  • 1st: George Orwell (to get under the batsman’s skin)
  • 2nd: James Taylor (top bloke)
  • 3rd: Nishanth Narayanan

Ferdinand Rex, Charities SecretaryFerdi

Nickname: Ferdi
Year and course: 2nd Year, Computer Science
Playing role: Batting all-rounder
Cricketing hero: Virat Kohli
Claim to fame: Caught Jonny Bairstow’s step-brother at mid-off
Favourite UWMCC moment: 43* and match-winning partnership with Larkins
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: Gianluigi Buffon (best keeper of all-time)
  • 1st: Chris Gayle
  • 2nd: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • 3rd: Usain Bolt
  • 4th: Michael Phelps
  • Gully: Jonny Wilkinson (nothing gets past him)


Dan Goodyear, 1st XI Captain

Nicknames: Goody, Fogell
Year and course: 3rd Year, Economics
Playing role: Wicketkeeper-batsman
Cricketing hero: Adam Gilchrist
Claim to fame: Once named Worcester’s junior sports personality of the year
Favourite UWMCC moment: Winning the BUCS Indoors national championship last year
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: Myself
  • 1st: Adam Gilchrist (my cricketing hero and would hopefully be able to help my keeping on the job)
  • 2nd: Al Murray (I’d love to hear what he has to say about the Aussies)
  • 3rd: Michelle Keegan (someone needs to add a bit of beauty to this slip cordon)
  • 4th: Brendon McCullum (who else would have 4 slips these days?!)
Rob Stileman, 2nd XI Captain

Nickname: Stilo stilo1
Year and course: 3rd Year, History
Playing role: Lanky medium pacer; dubious lower-order batsman
Cricketing hero: Malcom Marshall, fantastic cricketer and an inspirational man
Claim to fame: Shaun Pollock is the first cousin once removed of my great-aunt (through marriage)
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Running out my Hit for Six co-host Michael Kynaston in an E&Y game.

  • Keeper: Andrea Humber (Warwick history faculty’s academic administrator, for whom I have a known fondness)
  • 1st: Craig David
  • 2nd: Beat Kumin
  • 3rd: Artful Dodger
Charlie Turner, 3rd XI Captain Turner(1)

Nickname: CT
Year and course: 2nd Year, Maths
Playing role: Skilled left-arm swing bowler, slightly less-skilled batsman, totally unskilled fielder
Cricketing hero: Ravi Bopara
Claim to fame: Was once presented an award by Reece Topley; also a distant relative of ex-West Indian fast bowler Joel Garner
Favourite UWMCC moment:
Fantasy slip cordon: Playing a beauty of an innings to help guide us to Cov Indoor Final victory (much more important that us winning BUCS Indoors)

  • Keeper: Joe Chattle (to recreate that stunner from Sri Lanka)
  • 1st: Samuel L. Jackson (guaranteed to scare the umpire into giving LBW decisions)
  • 2nd: Andrew Samson (professional badger on TMS, is there a better job?)
  • 3rd: Craig David (Disco Dave’s favourite)
  • Gully: Phil Tufnell (they don’t call him the cat for nothing)
George Ballington, 4th XI Captain

Nickname: Balloballo1
Year and course: 2nd Year, Maths and Physics
Playing role: Specialist fielder (who averages an incredible 1 in BUCS cricket)
Cricketing hero: Brian Lara
Claim to fame: Vicitm – R. Ponting, Method of Dismissal –  Caught and bowled, Venue – Lords (the Home of Cricket)
Favourite UWMMC moment: Any single moment aboard the Merriman Express
Fantasy slip cordon:

  • Keeper: Jonathan Agnew (commentating on UWMCC’s finest moments)
  • 1st: Jack Whitehall (childish humour)
  • 2nd: Jurgen Klopp (motivation)
  • 3rd: Michael Jackson (entertainment)
  • Gully: Paul Hollywood (critique opposition teas)

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