Denne – waking up at 10.30am on Sunday with the one sleeping on the floor, still wearing his Cricket Ball attire and feeling like the world had just imploded on him.
This mupdate – a selective account of the very few memories that lasted in Denne’s brain overnight
Just over 12 hours earlier….
Sesh Creche – kindly hosting pre drinks
Denne, David – meeting the fresh of campus in their numbers
Musson – explaining to Denne that it is tradition for the Social Sec to be the most drunk at Cricket Ball
Stroud, Bradshaw – rocking up in grey suits to a black tie event
Swatton – well on his way through his second bottle of wine before we’ve even left
Hoggard – arriving very early, telling Denne not to worry about meeting him as he needs ‘halfhours kip’
Denne – attempting to flog Hoggard’s phone number to Liddle unsuccessfully
UWMCC – moving over to Jephson’s, sesh brewing nicely
Jewson – meeting Hoggard outside the gates and walking in with him, spending most the time complaining to Denne about the timings of the meal
Jephson’s – seemingly laying on additional champagne
Jephson’s – great venue, botanical gardens open for the starlit strollers amongst the club
Hoggard – distinctly unhappy at the set-up of top table, asking Knott to sit at the end
Hoggard – kindly tweeting a photo to the sponsors with the banner in the background
Jephson’s Lady – asking everyone to be seated
Sturrock -shout SPEEECCHHHH
Denne, Khatri – lasting just the one course sat next to Hoggard, being moved further down the table
Faal – relishing in this promotion
Hoggard – excellent after dinner speech
Flintoff – actually calling Brett Lee an Aussie twat after Edgbaston 05
Vaughan – asking Tony Blair’s son to locate the team some alcohol whilst in 10 downing street
Vaughan – the best captain, mainly for post Old Trafford motivational talk
Question – who’s the biggest cunt in the 05 dressing room
Hoggard – if you mean 05 06 07 08 09 it’s KP every single time
Khatri – falling out with Hoggard
Hoggard – there’s a taxi outside for you!
Hoggard – equally not keen on Liddle ‘he no proper yorkshireman’
Jewson, Williams, Annandale – a lot of bollock out, the former getting a photo with Hoggy with his balls out
Denne – asking Hoggard if he would ‘come to the jungle with him’ referring to the botanical gardens
Hoggard – telling Denne to ‘sober up kid’
Denne – making a ‘speech’ about bus timetables
Knott – eager to remove the microphone from Denne
Annandale – jumping over a fence and landing on the spike
Annandale – blood everywhere, and a second arse hole created
UWMCC – moving across the Skool Dayz
JT – stealing a wheelchair
DJ – putting I want it that way on
UWMCC – going absolutely mental
Denne – locking his one out of her own room to watch the ashes
Musson – whatsapping a photo of him and Amber lying in bed together
Stodhart – stride of pride from campus to Leam in black tie
Musson – in TJ’s in his black tie