We’ve made some slight changes to out Alumni Day on the 17th June, read the email below to find out more:

Dear All,

We hope that everyone is enjoying the shift in weather (until recently)! As we move into peak exam season, UWMCC are experiencing mixed fortunes on the cricketing front. We are hoping to keep players available for a big push at the end of the season, especially as the 1s and 2s push to compete in tough leagues!

We are announcing a slight change in plans to our Alumni Day. We will no longer be holding a buffet lunch; the day will now be focused around the two cricket games and we will have a barbecue on-going throughout the day instead (in the event of average weather we will source teas from Jin’s café). Due to the slight changes and response rate, the two games will now be split into a Recent Old Boys XI and an Old Boys XI. The Recent OBs XI is being arranged by esteemed former-President Rob Kraus.

If you have not been contacted by Kraus and are coming on the 17th June, please reply to this email reconfirming your intentions to attend, and whether you would like to play in the second game or not.

We apologise for the extra pen-pushing, and we look forward to seeing you in June.


Henry Bowen

UWMCC Publicity and Communications

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Here’s a list of all the key alumni events coming up in 2018:

1. Historical Alumni Celebration

Over the course of last term, several members of the exec have been working on expanding our alumni network to include alumni stretching back to the earliest days of the club.

We are working towards hosting a large 50th anniversary celebration during Old Boys’ Weekend, where alumni from all incarnations of the club can come together and celebrate. If you know of any historical alumni who would be interested in attending, please drop an email to Henry (h.l.w.bowen@warwick.ac.uk), who is in charge of developing our database of alumni.

2. Old Boys’ Weekend – 15th-18th June 2018

We are hoping to expand upon the work of Kraus and co. last year, who arranged a very successful and enjoyable match between the Old Boys and the current 1st XI, by arranging a fixture/series of fixtures between alumni and current clubmen. The fixtures will take place on Sunday 17th June, with the possibility of night(s) out around the fixtures and possible historical celebration. This is your notification to keep the dates free, we will be arranging more firm details in the near future.

3. Golf Day/Ryder Cup

Planning for this is in the initial stages, we are hoping to have a Golf Day this term to which all Old Boys are welcome to come, and show up their juniors. We will be co-ordinating this with the Old Boys through the mailing list; if you are not on the mailing list, please email Henry (h.l.w.bowen@warwick.ac.uk) with your preferred email address.

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