2s vs Worcester 2s

Full Scorecard
In a relegation decider against Worcester 2s, Bradshaw returned to captain the 2s in place of Chandi, assembling in the process the classic UWMCC exam period team (freshers and finalists). The weather forecast the night before was not ideal (rain all day from 12), with Bradshaw calculating that the chances of a full game were minimal. These predictions did not follow through in reality as the rain managed to stay away long enough for a game to be played where poor performance combined with the absurdity of BUCs rules meant the 2s were condemned to failure.
With rain expected and eagerly anticipated by much of the side it was a game, the match managed to start only 15 minutes behind schedule. Bradshaw had previously lost the toss and been inserted into bat. Opening up were Kunwar and Bradshaw, the latter did not manage to trouble the scorers with a third ball duck. Kunwar was dropped frequently and badly by the Worcester fielders but scored a pacey 50 before he was wrongly adjudged LBW. Unfortunately at the other end the wickets fell frequently until Goodyear rebuilt alongside support from the lower order. Goodyear continued his fine form this season with another 50, (surely a candidate for player of the season?). A late flourish by Patel managed to take the score above 211 in 45 overs, a respectable and defendable total given the conditions.
Unfortunately the rain hampered proceedings henceforth with considerable reductions in overs and therefore the runs required. Instead of chasing 211 in 45 overs, the absurdity of BUCs regulations meant that Worcester ended up chasing 140 runs in 30 overs with a 10 over powerplay- a much simpler task. In the chase, a quick start by the Worcester openers took then to in excess of 80 after 10 overs from a combination of luck and poor bowling. By this point the game was lost and the weather failed to play a role in saving the team. Nick Phillips did however manage to get a couple of wickets, removing the player that had previously chucked the bails at him in the first innings.
All in all, this represented a very disappointing end to the season for the 2s, but with an added injection of quality, better availability and a small amount of luck the team will be in a good position to bounce straight back.