1s vs. Trent 1s

Warwick 1st XI (H) 174-10 (49.3) def. Nottingham Trent 1st XI (A) 104-10 (35.5) by 70 runs
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The first action of the day started at 4.46am when Taha woke up chunning his food, having not been told by his flatmates that their fridge had been unplugged, making his food inedible. Much to the displeasure of everyone else bar a few, Krishan was called up to form part of the 11 for the game against Trent. 11.30 came. Kieron arrived in a shirt and tie, only to have to change as soon as he arrived. Jarris soon followed having just completed his degree and a game of browns vs Rest of the World football ensued; the browns pulling off an unlikely 5-1 victory against a weakened ‘rest’ missing the presence of Louie.

After Trent elected to bowl, 12.45 heralded the arrival of a grinning Louie from his exam where he thought about nothing but cricket. Alex and Mihir strode out to the middle and looked solid. Mihir scoring at better than a 25 strike rate this week and Ling looking comfortable until he chipped one to short midwicket for 11. Mihir shortly followed cutting one towards his favoured 3rd man region, caught sharply by the man at gully. Louie, walking in at 4, having had the game pushed back half an hour, looked good for another big knock following his 49 the week before. Alas it was not to be. Having predicted his first baller, ‘wouldn’t it be funny if I got a duck’ to Pru moments before, he got a yorker plumb on his foot, walking back quicker than going in. Warwick were precariously placed at 37-3 off 14 overs. Nakul and Sash looked comfortable putting on 40 together, Nak cover driving particularly well and Sash sending the offie as per. Nak decided to go back to a half volley; a good decision from him. 2 balls after drinks Sash decided he felt like doing the same thing. Nice. Sash going for 23 and Nak walking off the field shaking his said saying, ‘it just wasn’t my outfield’.

This left us 77 for 5 after 26 overs. Joe and Krishan looked to rebuild, before Joe copped a tough decision off the offie for 3; again predicting his dismissal. ‘That bucket hat umpire definitely has a bad decision in him’, he said to me as our innings got under way. Olly felt like wafting at every wide delivery, failing to pick the ball up from the red backdrop of bluebell. The score ticked over, Krishan driving well, and Olly beginning to find his groove. After Krishan got cleaned up, Olly recognised the need to take the initiative. Kieron tried to run himself out about 4 times, whilst also being bowled a couple of beauties not too dissimilar to his own bowling, before nicking one to first slip. Olly really came into his own, sending a low full toss for six over mid-off off the quick whilst also driving and flicking well to rack up the boundaries. At 134-8 Olly continued with his work and went even harder realising Pru was at the other end. The running between the wickets in winter doing Pru no favours as he was run out by half a pitch. Jarris came in swinging hard at everything giving Olly good company as the latter brought up a match-saving 50. Warwick ending on 174; 175 to win for Trent.

Louie’s ‘I did not come here to fucking lose a game of cricket, losing’s shit’ resonated strongly with the boys as we looked for early wickets. A tight opening 3 overs from Kieron and Pru culminated with Pru cleaning the ‘dickhead opener’, up for very little. The tight bowling simultaneously continued with the shit chat in the field. Louie’s attempt at mocking Pru were almost as poor as his chat, with Pru retorting ‘how many balls you face Lou?’ (1 in case you forgot). Pru continued on his merry way picking up the first 3. Some sharp fielding and good intensity in the field left them reeling after the first 10 at 19 for 3. Kieron pulled up in his sixth over with a painful injury to be replaced by Nakul who was our go to stump to stump bowler. Nakul justified this decision and lived up to his rep. His first ball went down the leg side for 5 wides. Second ball a wide half volley for 4 and finished his 3 ball over for 10 runs. Economy of 20. Well bowled Nak. Sash dropped one a couple overs later at gully, looking like the Bermudian dude from the World Cup, only failing to cling on. Olly shouted at Topper, our sub for Kieron, as soon as he came on for failing to instigate a run out, Topper having been in the field for 60 overs straight by now having just come from the 2s game.

Joey at the other end was luckier as a good grab by Krishan at 3rd slip brought Kang to the crease. The dude after chatting at me for half an hour about my boring cricket, failed to hit more than 1 off the square and ended up driving one straight to Mihir at extra just before drinks, really good from him. Retard. This left them approximately 60 for 5. Jarris’s chat throughout the day came in short sharp burst. The next outburst following the start of the game, came when he shouted from square leg having seen Krishan appeal in vain, ‘shutup you screaming virgin’, to which the umpire couldn’t help but laugh. Jarris plugged away taking 1 of his own, really well taken by Olly at deep mid as it swirled in the air. Joey was cruelly denied a fifer this week; the cricket Gods clearly not smiling brightly upon him (much like Amogh, shout out for averaging 0.3). Ling’s chat for the previous 10 overs was whispering ‘please get out’ from 2nd slip and when the opportunity came Ling didn’t feel like catching Joey’s fifer with a Rav-esque drop. This left Joey with impressive figures nonetheless of 10 over 4 for 16. A couple of big hits by their number 9, the supposed gun, off Jarris and Pru, were quickly nullified as Jarris cleaned up the last 2 leaving Trent all out for 104 inside 36 overs. Warwick winning by 70 runs. Varsity ensued for some of the fresh, Joe, and Mihir as we were promised a jug by the captain. Hugeee win (Randall), set up well for the rest of the season, and strong team performance.
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