Here at Warwick, the welfare of students is vitally important. For UWMCC members, it is no different.
As a club, we want to create an environment where all students are welcomed and that members are supported, happy and healthy. This year has seen the addition of a Welfare and Campaigns Officer to the exec and we think that this shows the commitment that we have to the wellbeing of our members.

Meet our inaugural welfare and campaigns officer: Rory Kilpatrick

‘What do you see as your role for the welfare of club members?’

Fundamentally I see the Welfare and Campaigns Officer role as the clubman who’s got everyone else’s back. Every single UWMCC member deserves to feel welcome and comfortable in the club and the job of the Welfare Officer is first and foremost to make sure that is the case. I’ve always felt at home in the club and I think that every member deserves to feel that way. Welfare Officer is a good way for us to do even better job at being open and accepting.

What are you going to do this year to support club members in their welfare?
There’s two important ways that I think I can help improve club member welfare. Firstly, I think the welfare office role is crucial to help club culture become more aware of welfare issues. I’m going to create a welfare policy and other resources that all club members can use to know what we stand for and how to access the many different wellbeing services available at uni. Secondly, on a personal level, I want to try and become a welfare officer that clubmen view as someone that they can approach with their issues. I’m going to get as involved as possible with training sessions and workshops so that I’m best equipped for the welfare officer role.

What campaigns are you keen to promote?
The SU campaigns are really important and can make a real difference for the people that they support. Reading online, I’ve found loads of SU campaigns that I had no idea existed. I want cricket to better engage with them through promotion and conversation for the good of everyone in the club. Click the pictures to view the SU pages for each campaign.

#AreYouOk? is a brilliant campaign about increasing awareness of mental health issues, promoting dialogue between friends and acknowledging when things are tough so that we can put them right.

Mental health affects so many people, including high profile sports people (even cricketers like Jonathan Trott) that the importance of #AreYouOk? can’t be understated.

Cricket also needs to be more hostile to racism, homophobia and intolerance and #ReshapingSport is a great initiative that we can get behind to do that. The campaign is about making sport as diverse, inclusive and accessible as possible for people of all abilities and identities. We need to change the perception of sport, and to encourage our students to reshape sport to suit their needs.

#WeGetConsent is yet another campaign that is really important for everyone on campus. In recent times, sports clubs have received lots of coverage for their approaches to sexual relationships. At UWMCC we want everyone to have healthy relationships and so understanding consent is vital. But not only do we want members to use the message of the campaign in their own lives, we want clubmen to raise awareness of consent issues. The SU have a range of resources for students to learn more about consent but also their duties as a bystander to intervene.
Sign up to be a #WeGetConsent Ambassador here:
Complete the Consent Matters Moodle Module here:

There are loads more SU campaigns too – check the rest out here:

As I’m sure our fantastic Charities Secretary Jono Brook has already made you aware, UWMCC is a huge supporter of It Takes Balls to Talk.
The club already has a contingent of ITBTT volunteers but the amazing work it does in raising awareness of men’s mental health issues means that the more we can do with them the better.
As scary a statistic as it is, the odds are 2:1 that you will experience depression or low mood within your lifetime. ITBTT and UWMCC want you to be equipped to deal with your own issues as well as help others with theirs.

More scary facts:
• 3 out of 4 suicides will be men.
• Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15–29-year-olds globally.
• If you are Male and under 50 in the UK you are more likely to die by Suicide, than by accident, illness or injury.
• Three quarters of people who die by suicide will not have been in contact with mental health services.

It is likely volunteers will get free tickets to the sports events that they raise awareness at… a perk of volunteering with ITBTT!
If you would like to show your support for the campaign and are interested in volunteering, please contact
Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. They love to share stories and experiences so please get in touch.

Online suicide workshop. Save a life… take the training:

Other Welfare News

Member Code of Conduct
As a club, we hold our members to high standards of behaviour at all times. Our Member Code of Conduct sets out what we expect from clubmen. It is really important that all members read and understand this document.
Member Code of Conduct

Welfare Email Address
The welfare email address gives you a chance to make complaints, give feedback or just contact the club. The email is only accessible by the Welfare and Campaigns Officer and emails can be about anything that you want. If you want the content of your email to remain confidential, that’s absolutely fine – just say so (if you don’t specify, it will remain confidential until you say otherwise).

Welfare Policy
As a club, we thought that it was also a good idea to set out what we stand for. Really, this document is just formalising the values that we all hold individually but it’s important to set them out in a club document to make sure that the atmosphere and culture of the club reflects what we believe as individuals.

Club Welfare Policy

The Welfare Policy also contains a list of really useful welfare contacts that can help with a wide range of issues you may have. The list will also be added to throughout the year to make it as comprehensive as possible. This is the list:

UWMCC Welfare Officer – Rory Kilpatrick
If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact me. Feel free to message me on Facebook if that’s easier. I’ll do my very best to help with your issue – however big or small.

UWMCC President – Joe Randall

UWMCC Vice-President and Treasurer – Sean Merriman

Warwick Student Support
Student Support can offer practical advice and help accessing other services.
02476 575 570

Warwick mental Health and Wellbeing
The Wellbeing Co-Ordinator and Outreach Wellbeing Advisers are available to advise on a number of strategies to help students improve their wellbeing, reduce anxiety and stress and support students though any mental health difficulties.

Warwick Counselling Service
A great opportunity to talk through your issues with a professional Counsellor, at a scheduled appointment time, over email, in groups or in specialist workshops

Campus Security
Campus Security can help with a wide range of issues on campus. Make sure you report any incidents that you have been involved in.
024 7652 2083

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind
Coventry and Warwickshire Mind provide a range of services that can help individuals with their wellbeing. There is individual support, group support, peer support and drop-in sessions.
They also have a Pathfinder service that can answer queries over the phone on 024 7622 9988.


Warwick Nightline
Nightline is a student-run, confidential, and non-judgmental peer-to-peer support listening service. It is open from 9pm to 9am every night of term and our trained volunteers are happy to listen to anything you may wish to discuss. They are there to listen.
02476 522 199

Warwick Sport Physiotherapy Clinic
Warwick Sport have extensive physiotherapy services available to everyone for new or on-going injuries. If you enjoy playing sport or any type of activity, they can help you get back to full fitness.

Samaritans – Talk to Samaritans any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about anything that’s getting to you.
Coventry and Warwickshire Mind – A mental health charity which ensures everyone gets the support and respect they deserve.
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust’s IAPT Service – for people with anxiety, stress or depression.
Time to Change – A growing movement of people changing how we all think and act about mental health.
Mental Health Matters – Works with partner organisations to deliver comprehensive services to meet a full range of personal needs in a seamless manner to help vulnerable people to develop, ‘recover’ and move on to independent living whenever possible.
Don’t Panic – The Don’t Panic series of audio self help guides is designed to provide people with easily accessible information about common mental health difficulties.
Grassroots Stay Alive App – The app is totally free to users and offers help and support both to people with thoughts of suicide and to people concerned about someone else.
MoodJuice – Self Help Resources – This site is designed to help you think about emotional problems and work towards solving them. Emotional problems are often the mind and body’s way of saying that something needs to be changed in our life.
Royal College of Psychiatrists – Mental health information for all. Search their health indexes to find well researched information and advice for the public.
Mental Health and Wellbeing in Warwickshire – There are a range of mental health and wellbeing services and support available across Warwickshire that can help you to improve your wellbeing and support you during difficult times.
Money, debt and legal advice in Warwickshire – For advice on benefits and welfare, housing, debt, legal, coumcil tax, food banks, parental rights and tax credits.
Debt Line – Help dealing with your debts.
Citizens Advice Bureau – Online free advice from Citizens Advice to help you find a way forward, whatever the problem.
Relate – Offers counselling services for every type of relationship nationwide. We provide advice on marriage, LGBT issues, divorce and parenting.
Cruse Bereavement Care – Leading national charity for bereaved people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We offer support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies and work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people.
A.A Aquarius – Information and facts about alcohol and the effects it can have on the body.
Zero Suicide Alliance Training –
Every Mind Matters – There are times when we feel stressed, low or anxious, or have trouble sleeping. But there are things we can do to look after our mental health and wellbeing. Get expert advice, practical tips and a personalised action plan with Every Mind Matters.

Complaints and Feedback Form
If you want to make a complaint or give us feedback, we also have a complaints and feedback form. Ultimately, we want the club to be the best that it can be so don’t hesitate to use this form. If you’d rather something a little less formal, feel free to contact the Welfare Email or Welfare and Campaigns Officer personally.

Feedback and Complaints Form