UWMCC vs #BoomBoys

Looking to carry momentum from last week’s thrilling victory, UWMCC journeyed to the Coventry indoor league with a team of Jewson (C and W), Bradshaw, Kraus, Shah, Cooper and Hall. Having enjoyed spanking around UWMCC’s bowlers during the warm up, Jewson made the decision to bat first against #BoomBoys (hashtag most definitely included), whom were high on confidence after a victory last week, but low on players (only fielding 5 players).

Bradshaw and Hall started the innings, taking advantage of the spacious gaps in the field, scoring 15 off their first over. However, the Bradshaw-Hall running relationship proved again profitable, Hall ran out for 6 at a strike rate of 300, foolishly not expecting Bradshaw to be scampering through for a single. Cooper, promoted to the lofty heights of number 3, paid his skipper back by edging a full toss onto his pads, and promptly being given out for LBW. After Bradshaw nicked off attempting a cut shot, it appeared that UWMCC’s ranks were crumbling like a stale hobnob. Jewson, who had already admitted to being ‘quite nervous’, was brought to the crease to join indoor league statistical gun, Paras Shah. The two steadied the UWMCC ship, until Jewson’s controversial call of ‘yes-no-wait-wait-sorry mate’ led to the run out of Shah (10). Fortunately, Jewson batted nicely, including a majestic maximum off the opposition’s off-spin ‘bowler’ (15 degrees being used to the maximum), before four more runs, albeit via scandal. Jewson hit the ball back past the bowler, thinking it would hit the back wall, when in fact, it hit the side wall, and thus being run out, as Jewson was standing still, admiring his shot. However, the indoor league umpire, who will not be challenging the ICC Elite Panel anytime soon, ruled the ball to have hit the back wall, thus saving Jewson’s wicket. However, strangely, Kraus ended up on strike, who proceeded to get out immediately, leaving Hall and Bradshaw to question why Kraus was on strike- Jewson merely replying something along the lines of ‘just leave it- I was miles out’. If my half GCSE in Religious Studies informs me correctly, it was Sikhism having the last laugh, as karma was clear for all to see, as Jewson was caught next ball, dismissed for 27.

UWMCC had managed 91-6 off 8.5 overs, and with a strong bowling attack, along with the lack of a sixth boom boy, felt confident in victory. Shah and Bradshaw were Jewson’s weapons of choice to open the bowling, which proved to be a successful decision. I will delve into some of Bradshaw’s words here, the first wicket being ‘an ingenious bit of pace bowling’, having bowled four ‘medium paced in-swingers’, and upon seeing ‘their best bat charge down the wicket…I bowled a quicker wider one which had the bat stranded’, ending in a well-taken Jewson stumping. Maybe Mr.Bradshaw might learn from the wise words of C.S Lewis; that ‘Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.’ Despite drops from Kraus (3- two being one handed spectacular attempts, deflecting the ball away from a Hall safe catch and the other having his view impeded by the non-striker), Hall (3- one off the net, two at short leg), the bowling of Cooper and Kraus in the middle overs helped to build pressure significantly, overs 4-6 totalling 7 runs and 1 wicket. Bradshaw returned in the 8th over with ‘a ball that swung in and nipped away, hitting the top of off’, and the deal was sealed by Shah in the last over, who had two wickets- the first celebrated with a bat-like squeal from Jewson, such was his joy at taking a catch standing up, and the second from a Hall catch, who was almost as equally relieved, just keeping in his inner twelve year old girl. Shah’s hatrrick ball will be something playing on his mind for the forthcoming week, that is sure. With the #BoomBoys only reaching 52-5 off their 9.3 overs, it was a comprehensive display of good bowling and a lack of running.

What’s more, Jewson even managed to avoid stalling on both outwards and return journeys.

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