UWMCC vs Binley Wood

As the UWMCC congregated in the atrium of the sports centre, rumours of a stall-less journey to the Connexion were circulating and true to form our own Ed Cooper delivered, albeit struggling once more with the ‘roundabout of death’ – when will he learn how to stop? Chat on the way there consisted of a Ferdinand ‘Tyrannosaurus Sesh’ Rex prophecy that we would surely be late (wrong) and a Cooper rendition of Taylor Swift (wrong, on so many levels).

Upon arrival, new boys Chase and Fussey, like so many before them, marvelled at the diminished nature of the arena, before showing the selection committee their prowess with bat and ball respectively in the warmup. Opposition Binley Woods seemed to find it hilarious that there was a 15 year gap between our oldest player and their youngest, and once the game was underway it would become clear that the young guns were far superior.

James Fussey’s over beat the bat several times, and a runout was found after some sharp work from The Moose™ turned a dropped catch into a neat piece of fielding. Two more wickets fell in the next two overs, details escape me but a nice catch off the back wall from Joe Chattle found the fourth. The fifth wicket caused a slight break in proceedings, in order for Binley to argue with the umpire and our skipper over the legitimacy of the catch. James Fussey steamed in and bowled a good ball which was clipped off the pads by the Binley bat (who looked surprisingly like Abdul from spicy bites), before crashing into the netted wall at midwicket and into the hands of the otherwise TFC’d Clobber. The controversy behind the catch, however, is that the fortunate bounce was not true to the netting, but was warped by a bench just outside it and as a result popped up fairly nicely. Get on with it, whoppers. 47 A.O.

The UWMCC chase was particularly straightforward, with the most interesting anecdote I can provide about it being Joe Chapple’s innings, 3,1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3. Ferdinand got out, replaced by Ed Cooper with 10 to win (any of giving Chase a bat??) As we got into the minibus on the way back, our prayers were answered with an Ed Cooper Technical Stall™, and after a swift journey home a great bargain in Tesco’s, as Cooper earned himself a cut-price Chicken and Bacon wrap as the bint couldn’t find the right button on the till.