UWMCC .v. Kineton CC (Semi-Final)

Once again the boys found themselves going to the Connexion arena, this time without Ash, having got himself “trollied” as he put it a few nights before. Thinking it was a good idea to hop into a trolley, it quickly went downhill as his mate pushed him into a curb and sent him flying onto his hip. Poor him. But with the able replacement of Roche, the rest of the boys (Seb, Samay, Josh, Tim and chauffeur Murphy) got on our way.

After a bumpy and frankly terrifying drive in the new Ford, Murphy describing the visibility as abysmal, we faced the challenge of Kineton in the semi of the playoffs, unfortunately without their special snowflake who basically won us the game against them a few weeks ago.

Samay and Seb opened up, and with a mixture of 3 perfectly executed leaves from Samay and some decent fielding we were 16 off 3 overs, but crucially none down. Unfortunately, Seb swiftly departed after being run out, not before giving a send-off to the square leg umpire, falling to the floor in disbelief, in true footballer style. But the lads pushed on with Tim, Roche and Murphy cracking some fine 4s including a terrific drive past mid-on from the skipper and Josh dabbing and running, bringing UWMCC to 109 in 10 overs, a score which was easily defendable.

The defence started well with Murphy not bowling a wide, which shocked even himself, and with 2 quick wickets, put us in a great position having them 20 for 2 off 3 overs. What followed was a masterclass in how to lose a game. They clocked up easy runs despite some tight bowling from the whole team, not helped by some atrocious throwing from Murphy, somehow hitting the side wall when throwing straight on at the stumps. They ended up needing 12 off the last over, and with the whole arena watching, the tension was high. In spite of some zippy bowling from Tim, the fielders couldn’t pick up the ball cleanly, and they got it with one ball to spare. Clearly devastated, Seb gave a send-off to stumps, smashing them with his gloves whilst having a 15 year old chearing at him with glee. Congrats have to go to Kineton for being modest in victory, even their keeper admitting his son is “absolute quality,” who ended on 43 not out, and gave some chat to a clueless Bozza back home at the den, on an unbearable level matched only by Murphy.

The journey home was much smoother albeit very subdued, made only better by the stop off at Phantom Coach for a burger. Disappointed with the end but we will arrive next term in form to show what we can really do!