Week 7 theme – charity shop
Stagecoach – up to the usual shite
MT and Jabzy – Looking like complete nonces in their charity shop clothes at the bus stop
Outfits – Adding to their crap moustaches to really drive the pedo look
Sash – Crucifying the exec by not even organising a meeting
Owen – Not pleased
Mihir – Never pleased
Sash – Biting hard at the bait presented on the exec group chat
N – ibs
MT and Jabzy – Sneaking a couple of Hop Houses down the Duck lift
MT and Jabzy – also engaged in a pool duel
MT – le winner after some poor safety shots from Jabzy
Parth and Sohayl – flaking
Presumably – getting with each other in a secret location
Parth – missing two weeks in a row
Sohayl – one circle wonder

Ideas for Sohayl’s nickname:
So – ugly
So – flakey
So – trampy
So – upParthsass
So – goodatgettingbowledbyCalGal
So – badatsellingtickets
So – gettingwithJenny
So – pleasestillselectJabzy
So – sorrySohayl

MT – ready for the slaughter at his bday circle
Pitkin – turning up in v normal clothing
Sharquiss – also will be punished for normal clothing
Archie – pulling out all the stops and turning up in drag

Rudi – also smashing the shit out of the theme
Sash – doing his best impression of Freddy Mercury
Sash – wearing trousers because of a lost bet
Reality – Sash’s fav trousers but he only feels comfortable wearing them at a theme
Too shy – around the bois

Tables – a horrible sight as there are NONE
Jabzy – facing the consequences of entry at 7:50pm
Standing up circle – a serious possibility
Mark – pissed off that everyone has stolen our chairs
Mark – showing the lads the secret stash of tables
Tables – carried up
Bin – already secured
Chairs – also found finally
Pints – poured
SBS – taking their favourite corner
Charity shop theme – boomtowned
Tables – smacked
Essex – smashing the wall with real gusto
Gentlemen – tremendous
Every other club – staring in disbelief
Muppet – of the week
Amogh – nominated for pissing in the bed his girlfriend later entered
R Kelly – af
Fresher Harry – nominated for casually inviting himself over to the SBS house
Taran – nominated for not picking Mihir in UWMCCFC
NJ – nominates Amogh for trying to nominate Taran
Amogh – getting sent in the wack off by fresher Harry
Amogh – adding the dress to his already feminine look
Fresher Laurie – Also turning a few heads in his outfit
Bird – looking to shark him no doubt
Chains – selected by Jabzy
Grandads – Sood, Bird, MT and Ridge
Normal clothing – Milan, Fouxy, Harry R, Tumnus, Krish, Nikhil, Sharquiss, Rory and Pitkin
Xmas – CalGal, Fraser, Ben, NJ and Essex
High Vis – Shiv, Joe and Harry C
Feminine – Archie, Taran, Laurie, Amogh, Sash and Rudi

1st Session:

Gamble (Taran) – 24 hour costume
Taran – must wear his girl’s top for the next 24 hours
Taran – building a reputation as a sesh head
Taran – Spotted in a packed lecture hall donning his beautiful garms.
New Game – 20+1
20 + 1 – slowly easing people in
Normal clothes chain – activated almost straight away
Krish – frequently dragged into wacking his half pints
A huge gap – between the purple and the line
Dis – graceful
New rule (Ridge) – Multiples of 5 old boys
Old boys named – Tim Ozanne, Dan Lewis, Alex Rajakanthan
Fresher Milan – really striving to lose every round of every game
Shiv – looking at him in disgust after the charities sec comment
New rule (Bird) – items you can find in a charity shop (no repeats)
So – cks
Sh – irts
T – ies
P – arth’s mum
Gamble (Sash) – Merry Wackmas
Xmas chain – all must double
Sash and Joe – disgusted by the weak gamble
Joe – club is dead
Joe – 100% correct
SBS – need to step up and write the gambles and stop complaining
MT – already needing to be scraped up off the floor
MT – already a couple rounds deep
New Game – ICICN
NJ – 70s cop shows
CalGal – cannot name the 12 he has to
No one – can name 12
CalGal – desperately trying to push all the versions of CSI
CalGal – unable to find someone to light his Christmas tree
MT – topics discussed on Silly Point (radio)
Tumnus – no bloody clue
Tumnus – aiming for 15 scores 0
Normal clothes chain – securing oversesh in session 1
High vis chain – dead af
Joe – should have switched to normal chain with Krish
Hollister bright yellow gilet – Joe’s favourite pulling outfit
Harry Collins – people who have had the dress more than Amogh
Answer – 1
Fraser – set 6
Xmas chain – drink up
Also – a shit claim from Harry as verified by Ref Ridge
Ref Ridge – wearing a horrendous shirt
Really – really quite bad
Ref Ridge – Those who have scored a double hundred at test cricket
Nikhil – set 32
Starts – strong
Indian double centurions – rattling through them
After that – slow run rate
Nikhil – stopped at 13 for being too slow
W – acko
Jabzy’s own ICICN – people who are more flakey then Rav?
Answer – no one
Rav – cementing himself into the hall of fame flakes
Rav – a star player for the LA Flakers
Jabzy – still trying to lure him in
Elu – sive


Joe – depressed at the state of circle
Normal clothes – getting punished for trying to kill week 7 club theme
Fouxy – most likely in the hole
MT – loving all the attention of the Bday circle
Freshers Archie and Laurie – most likely pulling some boys by the bar in their sexy outfits
CalGal’s christmas tree – still not lit

2nd Session

Gentile – Men
Woooooooos – finally fading out 1 minute later
Chains – deactivated
Supergamble (Ridge) – Nibs
Ridge – securing one of the only good supergambles written this term
Fresher Archie – wins 10 wacks to nominate for winning the most rogue outfit
Fresher Archie – going to the lengths of even painting his nails
MT – sent some
Joe and Sash – also delivered the good news
Second session – off to a wonderful start with more to come
New game – Danny Williams Darts
Rules – explained
NJ’s team – vs Pitkin’s
Initial darts – equal at 3 all with NJs team securing speed
1m 30 secs – started on Jabzy’s phone
NJ – sinking pints well however he keeps missing the fuckin bin
Pitkin – after needing one to win pulls off one of the best buzzer beaters of all time as the cup sinks with 1 second on the clock
SBS – still claiming that their team never loses
Jabzy – puts them to the test against MT’s team
SBS – attempting to use pints not to the line
Ridge – doing less than half pints most of the night
Ridge – claims to be good at drinking but in reality, more suited to a Lacrosse circle
CalGal – also a guilty bastard
1m 30 secs – sees everyone wacking ferociously
Tension – apparent
SBS – confidence in own ability
Ridge – claims that he will gary do 4
Ridge – sinks two half pints
Amogh – showing that lightning does strike twice slots one in with 2 secs to go
SBS – Surely Beatable Somehow?!
Jabzy – one day will give them the L they all deserve
Jabzy – joining the grandads on Sood’s team vs Fresher Lauren’s (Laurie) team
Fresher Lauren – giving some inviting looks round circle
Surely – a chop
Darts – Sood’s team wins on speed at 3-3
1m 30 secs – carnage
Fresher Lauren’s team – getting a few early doors
Jabzy – knowing he has a reputation to maintain borrows some pints from the SBS
SBS – renowned for huge interest rates
Jabzy – adding to already loads of debt
Jabzy – also slots 4 in a row leading to a 9-7 victory
Fouxy – disappearing mid-circle
Potentially – going through the wardrobe with Tumnus
Fouxy – obviously a noble warrior in battle
Fouxy – rumoured to have chopped Aslan
Gamble (Lauren) – Rainbow Slip Cordon
Ben, F-dog and Tumnus – off to the bar
Tumnus – horrified after learning he has to do 3 VKs
Cheeri – o
New Game – Trivia
Jabzy – preparing no questions and still caught in the aftermath of darts
MT’s team (AWAY) – Which immigrants thought carving pumpkins on Halloween was easier than carving potatoes?
Answer – Irish
Cor – rect
Pints – sent to SBS and Sood’s table
Joe – “We better fucking not get a halloween question?”
Fouxy and Fresher Harry – left on their own by Milan
Both (HOME) – What date does the first test against New Zealand start?
Deliberation – between the 20th and 21st November
Fresher Harry – delivering the goods and going 21st
Pints – sent
Pitkin’s table (HOME) – What score did England declare on at the Cobham Oval
Pitkin – adamantly steps up to shake Jabzy’s hand as he answers 378-6
Jabzy – shakes his hand before telling him that he is wrong and it was 376-6
Pitkin – “surely 2 runs is close enough”
Jabzy – “considering how confident you were, no”
Pitkin – should learn to go AWAY sometime
Soods table (AWAY) – which country did Jack-O-lanterns originate from?
Sood – instantly answers Ireland
Jabzy – using the same shitty trivia website for all the AWAY questions
Jabzy – killing the club with no preparation
Rory’s table (AWAY) – Which American state holds the record for the most Jack-O-lanterns?
Hint given by Jabzy – begins with M
Still – quite a few options
Archie and Rory – “Massachusetts”
Jabzy – startled as they’ve managed to blind guess it
Pints – sent to Pitkins table and MT’s table
MT – really starting to enjoy his night
MT – taking a hit on the old bank account
NJs table (AWAY) – what % of Americans prefer sweets (candy) over chocolate on Halloween?
Guess – 65%
Answer – 10%
Eat – it (them)
SBS (AWAY) – Which country holds the record for the heaviest pumpkin?
Hint – European
Guess – Romania or something
Answer – the mighty Switzerland
Ridge – sending the nibs far far away
Sash – wanting to break free
Trivia – bringing some life to the club
Gamble (Archie) – Birthday boi nominate 1 minute challenge squared
MT – “Can I throw up first?”
Jabzy – with the gamble in mind allows him one minute to throw up
MT – sprints off with his fingers already down his throat
MT – makes it back rapidly
Timer – starts
2 – down
MT – looking dangerously like he’s about to throw up
Four – eventually consumed as MT falls to his chair and falls into a coma
Joe – Shows respect at the four in one minute, shakes MT’s hand

Hopefully- not the hand that was down his throat minutes earlier
Joe – still yet to join the club
Joe – may get given the opportunity next week
New Game – Roman Numerals
Ben – a man really confused
Gets wrecked – by Fresher Lauren who gives him the old XVIII – XIX
Clas – sic
Most lads – unable to make it past VII
CalGal – doesn’t even know the game we are playing
Recess – called as a break is really needed
Danny Williams Darts – will definitely be featuring more in future weeks


Jabzy – the panenka specialist lines one up
Shot – straight into the fuckin bin
MT – only person to bare witness to such trickery
Shiv – reminds Jabzy he hosted Ball pres
Host = 5 pints to nominate
MT –will nominate 16 at the start of next session
21 nominations – surely a great way to start 3rd Session
Tumnus – lined up and ready with VKs but has sipped most of them
Tumnus – will learn not to drink them in the future as NJ mixes in purple with the half empty VKs

3rd Session:

Essex – damaging his hand from bashing the wall
Woos – much shorter than the first session as the lads are keen to dive back in
MT – in the move of the century sends 2 to Ridge
Ridge – uses his nibs to fire them back
MT – any of intelligence
He does history – so answer fucking obvious
Shiv – nominating 3 to his arch nemesis Milan
Ridge – knocking over the gamble pot
Jabzy – thanks him for making the job of running circle so easy
Bird – doing what he can to salvage the gambles
Gamble (Rudi) – Mexican Wack off
Tequila – echoes around CR2
Fresher Archie – the lucky winner
Forfeit – must go and order two tequila mixes and skull them
Tumnus – nails his 3 VKs
F-dog and Ben – now experts of the sesh nail theirs
New Game – One Fat Frog
Circle – in a deep state of oversesh after Danny Williams
Rory – What game are we playing
Listen – ffs
Sash – still wanting to break free
Rumours – he impersonates Freddy Mercury in the bedroom
Bird – attempting to go down the one fat slag route
Fresher Lauren – one fat slag for the night
Gamble (classic third session amnesia)
Jabzy – about as good at indoor bowling as he is remembering gambles
New Game – Speed 20+1
Rory – a massive fan of speed but not 20+1
Tables – moved in close as many drop off in the wack and leave
Many a pint – checked
Joe – “there is always one pint if you believe”
Pitkin – sent away for poor speed
Jabzy – managing to defy physics and pour a pint until the purple actually rises above the brim of the cup
CalGal and Ridge – micro circle finalists
Duel – epic
CalGal – the champ
Lets go – champ


Megamix – delayed as the stairs is full of traffic
Eventually – beautiful voices heard
You are – fy mire
I want it – what tay
Fouxy – screaming
Sash – forgetting words again
Sash – unfortunately does not have the voice of Mercury


Tumnus – I am a big time journalist
Tumnus – look me up on google
I encourage – everyone to do the same
Sash – finds a few horrendous photos
Joe – a massive fan of country roads
CalGal – wearing cat ears with pride
CalGal – upset that a few lads haven’t turned up to baywatch for his weekly strip search
Fouxy – always keen for a sing along
Fresher Archie – seemingly always on the VKs
MT – having a great time with his chirpse
MT – chop secured
Fresher Archie – managing to chop in the dress
Unfortunately – Fresher Lauren does not count
Bus – easily made
See you – Next Thursday

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