President’s Report – Term 1, 2019/20

President’s Report – Term 1, 2019/20


After the engrossing summer of English cricket, UWMCC had a lot to live up to in the last academic term of the decade. In the same vein, going into the new season, it has felt like a year of change already. We’ve finally entered the last official last year of the Akuma contract, the new ‘Sports and Wellness Hub’ is completed and open for business and pints of purple have been changed to a blend of Carling and Magners. How would UWMCC deal with these strange times? Would anything remain the same? Yes – Joe Randall is still at university somehow.

The year got underway as usual in week 0 with Sports Fair in the new sports hub. Several exec members arrived bright and early to piece together a somewhat respectable stand in an attempt to attract unsuspecting fresh. Luckily this year was ambulance free. The year seemingly had started well with 226 signups thanks to the help of an exciting 1h1b game taking place amongst the stalls, as well as a guest appearance from the hero of the Summer – Ben Stokes.

Everything seemed on the up with plenty of interest from fresh, circle just around the corner, a guest speaker booked for cricket ball, Club Development Fund money secured, and Mihir back on the exec to fulfil his role as everything.


For a sports club, it seems that we are not the best at actually playing our sport. Despite the term beginning with promise, the club was shocked when we were informed during tasters that we would no longer be able to use the ludicrously 30-meter long mats they had purchased over summer for ‘Health and Safety reasons’. This allowed Sash, Rory and Mihir to put our CV-claimed problem-solving skills to the test. Inevitably, the issue actually arose from Warwick Sport’s lack of problem-solving skills and an obvious solution was found by the negotiation team.

With this potentially derailing scare behind us, UWMCC was able to press on effectively with tasters, trials and silver performance sport. With the sadness of Kai’s departure, the squad was anxious to see if his successor would be up to his levels of coaching and chat. Michal has proved to be more than up to the challenge, being basically Kai 2.0 – bigger with better chat, even coming to a social and teaching Parth some much needed new dance moves.

The Development Squad continues to be a thriving part of the club, going from strength to strength with captain, Ed Churchill prioritising engagement throughout the club. Both weekly sessions are heavily attended by many players, as well as other senior clubmen acting as coaches, offering up their own wisdom (Not sure why Amogh is helping out, don’t need any more BUCS ducks). Krishan Sachdeva, last year’s Club Captain, has taken this responsibility on like no other, becoming the ‘Development Squad Coach’. The role means a hell of a lot to Krish as we found out from his moving 21st Birthday speech, where he vowed to destroy the 4s on derby day, singling out Ed from a 60-person strong crowd for 90% of the monologue. Those in attendance will never forget this inspirational moment and can be relived as the transcript is available on the guestbook (transcribed and translated by Saurav Parmar).

We did play some actual cricket in term 1 in the form of indoor. However, the less spoken about the BUCS competition the better as the 1s, led by a combination of 1s Captain, Sohayl and Club Captain, Mihir suffered defeats to Aston and Coventry. On a brighter note, Cov Indoor makes a triumphant return this year! This was majorly down to some good work by General Secretary, Parth Mannikar. This year, Jack Ridge took on the responsibility of Cov Indoor captain, using his invaluable experience of captaining a 3s side in div 9 to his advantage. Despite some mixed results, Cov Indoor has been a fun experience, allowing clubmen of all abilities to get involved in indoor cricket. The weekly fixtures will continue into the new decade and hopefully even more members will get involved. If you are interested in term 2, message Jack Ridge on Facebook.


As expected, term 1 has been a chaotic one for new Social Secretary, Jabez Weale. Wanting to shake things up, Jabez decided to swap the traditional bowling sober social for footgolf. Seemingly a great idea, sign ups were popular amongst clubmen. However, Fresher Josh was the only new recruit eager to attend, who then himself bailed. Thus, footgolf ended up being a 20-man summer catch up for existing clubmen, as 0 fresh attended the fresher social. One to build on next year. Luckily, UWMCCFC received a lot more much needed fresh interest. The team looks a lot freer flowing this year, despite some mixed results, the boys are positive for term 2, as long as Rav doesn’t abuse skipper Taran Jina again, or Birdy doesn’t storm off home mid-game. Matchday coverage is often on the twitter, so keep an eye out for that next term or read up on our previous matches!

Wednesdays got underway in normal fashion with a busy meet in Terrace Bar before the greatly anticipated return to circle. A good number of fresh making the effort to attend made for a packed back corner of CR2, despite fresher Josh striking again by leaving half way through circle to go for dinner with his mum completely smashed. Jabez fared well and learned from his predecessor Owen and avoided too many shockers. As the weeks went on the corner became better established but also hated and renamed as the ‘SBS’ – Jabez not holding back in Mupdates, which are available in the members section of the website as normal.

As well as, normal circles, we also had our termly club meal at the Balti which was Aragog-incident free – a massive relief for everyone (particularly me). Skool Dayz circles have also been great successes with W2 being a mixed social with the Women’s Club and W8 seeing the return of some familiar faces with a Hundred themed event circle. Kasbah also continues to keep the club afloat with their free tickets being acquired frequently, resulting in a number of excursions. Cheeky fresh also was continued in W10, organised by runner-up, Callum Gallagher. Once again, the curse of the favourite struck as the favourite, Fresher Archie, fell short to Fresher Harry.

The main event of course was Cricket Ball in W6. After months of planning and organising, 82 past and present UWMCC and UWWCC members filled Victoria House in order to share a loose evening with guest speaker Samit Patel. It wasn’t a great start for Samit who had to call Jabez hours before the event to request a black tie, as he had forgotten his. Flashbacks of Monty were creeping in. Luckily, on the night, he gave a strong performance and with no domestics or projectile vomit in sight, we all headed to Kelsey’s. The new venue for after Cricket Ball went down a treat (regardless of Amogh’s shambolic DJ skills) as 82 overly dressed cricket enthusiasts crammed themselves into the dirty dungeon dancefloor, smashing some well-earned eliminators.


UWMCC always loves to actively do what we can for charity. Once again, this has been a good term, led by Shiv Gupta, Charities Secretary and Owen McCausland, Welfare and Campaigns Officer. A new initiative this term was ‘the premier league last man standing competition’. The rules were simple; pick a team every premier league game week and if your team lose you’re out. Proving that we should never gamble again, Nikhil Chavda was the last man standing after just 4 rounds. In total, we managed to raise around £150 the British Heart Foundation As usual, the club got heavily involved in Movember, growing some repulsive facial hair, resulting in over £1,500 being raised for the cause. There was also a charity shop circle in W7, forcing clubmen to spend their dress-up money in said establishments, which led to over £300 being spent. We have also continued to support campaigns such as It Takes Balls To Talk and MIND.

Finally, we managed to reclaim our CMD crown! The ‘dance’ was well-rehearsed, had a healthy mix of chat, with the lads adorned with rainbow laces and questionable facial hair. All this managed to sway the judges and the crowds with the help of improved interclub relations mostly with lacrosse thanks to Jabez. Overall it was another hugely successful term for the community side of the club and we continue to be so proud of all the contributions we continue to make to important causes.


Our partnership with Woodstock continues with a 30% discount on everything, allowing clubmen to afford good quality kit. Unfortunately, the legacy of Dan ‘Teamo King’ Lewis does not live on today, with our relationship being non-existent. Instead, the exec in particular have favoured Microsoft teams – basically a Teamo that works. The sponsorship pack that Merriman spend so long creating was finally completed and Treasurer, Rory Kilpatrick began sending it to everyone and anyone, including the infamous Bierkeller, which we have now concluded does not exist, despite having half the university waiting eagerly in anticipation for its again suspended grand-opening. We did have some luck however, as we have established a new partnership with ‘The Shire Grill’, a new Punjabi mixed grill restaurant based in South Leam. They combine authentic South Asian cuisine with a pub-like atmosphere, showing sport and serving all your favourite beverages. If you haven’t been yet I would highly recommend it!

Next Term

There is a lot to look forward to in the new year. In terms of cricket, sessions will run as per the website and stash will be finally arriving! There is also Varsity weekend in W7 which is always a great occasion. We are also looking forward to the South Africa tour at the end of term, organised by Fraser Nicholson. Hopefully there will be a few socials in the build up to it as well. On the topic of socials, Wednesdays will be taking place a normal with club meal round 2 in W3. We also have some special Skool Dayz circles planned with old boys circle in W2 and mixed circle in W8. Amazingly, due to our impressive moves in CMD, we have also secured bar crawls with Ladies Hockey and CMD, alongside a UWWCC bar crawl and a rumoured lacrosse Kasbah. Radio is running into the new year thanks to Owen and term 1s episodes should be available soon. Finally, this year our big charity will be in aid of Huntingdon’s Disease Association. This is close to Ex-President, Joe Randall who should shortly have a small piece available on the website. We will be donating all we raise from next term’s 24hr 1H1B game and the half-marathon at the start of term 3 towards the cause and hope we have just as much success as last year’s effort in aid of Solving Kid’s Cancer.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the term and being part of UWMCC. It’s time to give our livers a break and invest in some darb expansion for Christmas. Enjoy the holidays and see you in the New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all,

Sash x

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