The Exec


Sophia Abbasi

Nickname: Soph

Year and course: 2nd year, History

Cricketing Hero: Charlotte Edwards

Claim to fame: Clean bowling Charlotte Edwards when I was 1 and a half and she was 19…!

Favourite cricket moment: Taking a wicket with my first ever ball for Essex!

Why choose UWWCC? Because whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you will make great friends and have lots of fun playing the beautiful game!!

Publicity Officer

Chloe Palmer

Nickname: Chlo

Year and course: 2nd year, English Literature

Cricketing Hero: Sophia Abbasi

Claim to fame: Can wiggle ears and featured in a Jackie Chan film

Favourite cricket moment: Playing with my twin and Dad in the road growing up, I always (and still do) hit it into the bushes and would have to climb on my brother’s shoulders to retrieve it

Why choose UWWCC? It feels fantastic to work with a great and genuine group of girls in pioneering Warwick’s all-female cricket team. It’s a brilliant sport to both watch and take part in!

Social Secretary

Hetty Melrose

Nickname: Het / Hets

Year and Course: 2nd year, English and Theatre

Cricketing Hero: I want to marry Joe Root but my hero is Anya Shrubsole

Claim to Fame: Why have a claim to fame when you are destined to be famous yourself

Favourite cricket moment: Scoring 50 runs and forced cruelly into retirement

Why choose UWWCC? Because it will be a lot of fun with a fab group of people

Club Secretary

Zoe Baxter-Sibley

Nickname: Zo

Year and Course: 2nd year, Politics and International Studies

Cricketing Hero: Heather Knight

Claim to Fame: Being interviewed by RAW at the Warwick Fringe Festival last year

Favourite cricket moment: Scoring my first four, it involved a rather undignified shriek!

Why choose UWWCC? It’s a new club run by a group of friendly people and a chance to try something new


Amelia Ghanbouri 

Nickname: Mia/Milz/Ame

Year and Course: 2nd year, Biomedical Science

Cricketing hero: Joe Root

Claim to Fame: May or may not have knocked George Ballington’s tooth out during a wild night at Pop #sorrynotsorry

Favourite cricket moment: Training at UWWCC

Why choose UWWCC? It’s so much fun! The club is just starting out so it’s a great time to get involved and try something new! I hadn’t played much cricket before uni and now I love the game!