Due to our growing relationship with the charity MIND, our charity secretary Tom ‘Choppy’ Lawson explains our recent trip to Leamington FC.

On Saturday 24th February, a group of five clubmen joined forces with one of MIND’s recent campaigns. IT Takes Balls To Talk is a cause founded by Alex Cotton, a mental health nurse, who wanted to raise awareness and conversation for male suicide prevention within sport. The campaign aims to encourage dialogue with men who usually refrain to speak on mental health, especially their own. As a cricket club, this cause resonated with us and as MIND is our chosen charity for this year we felt it was a fantastic way to show more support for their volunteering projects.

This particular event was held at Leamington FC, and the clubmen that joined for the day helped with spreading the campaign’s voice through handing out leaflets. As well as this, we aided in having conversations with spectators and engaging with them by talking about their thoughts on the campaign. Speaking with people on the issue Balls To Talk represents was enlightening for the volunteers who took part, as many conversations touched on personal experiences people had with mental health.

Everyone we spoke to was supportive of the campaign and hopefully this is the first of many events UWMCC volunteers for to represent IT Takes Balls To Talk