Nicknames: Sash, Smash, Bash and anything else that rhymes…
Year and Course: 3rd year Philosophy
Playing Role: Aggressive top order batsman (should bowl more)
Cricketing Hero: Andrew Flintoff
Claim to Fame: Fresher FA Cup Champion 2017/18
Favourite UWMCC Moment(s): Scoring a century on debut in Barbados
Fantasy Slip Cordon:
Keeper: Parth Mannikar (unbearable chat)
1st slip: Myself (Great bloke and buckets)
2nd slip: Andrew Flintoff (Chat and hero)
3rd slip: Colin de Grandhomme (international village cricketer)
Gully: Jurgen Klopp (Motivation and celebrations)


Nicknames: None that I know of
Course: 3rd Year Economics
Playing Role: Potentially a batsman?
Cricketing Hero: Sean Merriman, Ridge’s mentor and coach – swing supremo
Claim to Fame: Numerous Gareth bale links, but then everyone from Cardiff does – Friend’s mum taught him in school; Other friend’s dad was his mechanic; Geography teacher played 5-a-side with him and Sam Warburton when they were younger (Etc)
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Dom Tour Shiazza (really shitty situation)
Fantasy Slip Corden:
Keeper: Selena Gomez (a real keeper)
1st slip: Ash Ketchum (gotta catch ‘em all)
2nd slip: Hulk (bucket hands, also would like to see 3 rounds of him v Smash Abbasi)
3rd slip: Mohammed Ali (move like a butterfly, hands like a net, the man will catch what the man can get)
Gully: AB de Villiers (unbelievably gun)


Nicknames: Chandy, Shandy, Mihero
Year and Course: 3rd year Economics
Playing Role: I dont know anymore (once a bowler)
Cricketing Hero: Rahul Dravid
Claim to Fame: Got Ollie Pope out… aged 13
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Varsity double in second year
Fantasy Slip Cordon:
Keeper: Joe Hart (Great reach, City icon)
1st slip: Rahul Dravid (Safe hands, top human)
2nd slip: Alex Ling  (Comedy moments)
3rd slip: Jofra Archer (Probably the best slip in the world, we just dont know it yet)
Gully: Sean Merriman (All round good value)


Nicknames: Black eye, Recent x
Year and Course: 2nd year Economics
Playing Role: Batting all-rounder
Cricketing Hero: Jacques Kallis
Claim to Fame: Swollen black eye on the day of elections
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Having a hand in beating Cov at both indoor and outdoor Varsity
Fantasy Slip Cordon:
• Keeper: Parth Mannikar (makes up for keeping ability with chat levels)
• 1st Slip: Me (obvs)
• 2nd Slip: Michael Clarke (get ready for a broken arm mate)
• 3rd Slip: Freddie Flintoff (mind the windows Tino)
• Gully: Jonty Rhodes (does this need explaining)


Nicknames: Pud (#PudsHashtags)
Year and Course: 2nd year Economics
Playing Role: Wicket keeper-batter
Cricketing Hero: Kumar Sangakkara (pressure on the skippy, eh?)
Claim to Fame: Can’t stop smiling
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Watching Sohayl drop a sitter and ending up with a mammoth eye. (see Bear Grylls bee incident)
Fantasy Slip Cordon:
• Keeper: Sarah Taylor (unbelievable)
• 1st Slip: The Hound (brutal chat levels, hates water, loves wine)
• 2nd Slip: Dwayne Leverock (Bermuda legend, takes one handed blinders for fun)
• 3rd Slip: Cameron Bancroft (sandpaper specialist; will get the ball reversing)
• Gully: Sir Ben Stokes (great fighter both on and off the pitch)


Nicknames: Jabzy
Year and Course: 2nd year History
Playing Role: Fast Bowler
Cricketing Hero: Brett Lee
Claim to Fame: Telling David Walliams to shut up at a dinner party because he was talking too much
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Hitting mixed football players in the face in charity dodgeball
Fantasy Slip Cordon:
• Keeper: Parth (Already formed an unbelievable partnership- also provides poor chat)
• 1st Slip: Ben Stokes (Won’t drop anything and would be useful in a fight on the pitch)
• 2nd Slip: Sohayl (Won’t catch the ball but might stop with his head)
• 3rd Slip: Northern Jono (Cracks me up)
• Gully: Paul Collingwood (brick wall, nothing gets past this man- obvious choice)


Nicknames: MT, Pidgeotto
Year and Course: 3rd Year History
Playing Role: Left arm gas seamer, Lower-Middle order textbook batsmen, Specialist fine leg.
Cricketing Hero: Jonathan Trott
Claim to Fame: Sending Joe Randall’s and Callum Gallagher’s off stump flying, Snicking off Ollie Warwick.
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Guiding the Friendlies squad to their first victory of the season with an explosive 26* off 25, or a fabled night at Bongo’s Bingo.
Fantasy Slip Cordon:
• Keeper: Jos Buttler (I don’t want to be the only person in the team who sounds like they haven’t hit puberty)
• 1st Slip: Jim Jefferies (Australian so must be good at cricket and would give superb chat)
• 2nd Slip: A double gamble wack (pure entertainment, many memorable moments, don’t want to get on the wrong side of him, UWMCC staple)
• 3rd Slip: Sean Merriman (I just miss the bloke)
• Gully: Larry Enticer (, Dare Devil, Committed player willing to put his body on the line for a catch )


Nicknames: F-Dog.
Year and Course: 2nd Year, Physics.
Playing Role: Gritty Batsmen, Occasional Medo Bowler.
Cricketing Hero: Moeen Ali.
Claim to Fame: Chris Hughes knows my name, (play at the same club).
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Beating mez in a wack off, getting fired first ball of the innings in Sri Lanka (cheers ump), getting 30 off 80 balls against Worcester.
Fantasy Slip Cordon:
• Keeper: Sarah Taylor (heard she has great hands)
• 1st Slip: Sam Hawes (purely for chat – has chatted me out of a few too many games)
• 2nd Slip: Ben Harrison (purely for shit chat and general shithousery)
• 3rd Slip: Chris Woakes (his good looks would be more than enough to distract me)
• Gully: Merv Hughes (I would probably take out life insurance if I saw him in the cordon)


Nicknames: Shiv and you know you are, shit chat Shiv
Course: 2nd year, Politics, Philosophy and Law.
Playing Role: Leg Spin Bowler, flat bat yeeter of Yorkers.
Cricketing Hero: Ravi Jadeja and his sword celebration.
Claim to Fame: My grandad invented the Hobnob, you’re welcome x
Favourite UWMCC moment: ‘setting up’ a batsman who tonned up (ask Ridge) with consecutive pies, and a flat bat yeet actually working and going for 4 prompting the oppo skipper to ask if I ‘really was the clubs number 10 bats.
Fantasy Slip Cordon:

• Wicketkeeper: Wayne Shaw (no byes, only pies)
• 1st slip: Michael Owen (only person with worse chat than me.)
• 2nd slip: Serge Pizzorno (Tall af so can catch stuff headed to deep third man from slip.)
• 3rd slip: Glendeep Singh Maxwell (Adopted Punjabi and he’s also not bad at catching.)
• Gully: Natalie Dormer  (The only famous non royal from my ends, managed to convince the world her husband in GoT was straight so can convince umps of an lbw from gully.)


Nicknames: Big O
Course: 3rd year Politics
Playing Role: Off Spinner (arm balls only)
Cricketing Hero: Jamie Porter
Claim to Fame: Got interviewed on BBC 6 o’clock news aged 12
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Can I mention my catch in Barbados again?
Fantasy Slip Corden:
Keeper: Tyson Fury (big enough to stop everything and would call all the bats dossers)

1st slip: Phil Mickleson, the best Instagram in the golf world

2nd slip: Carl Jenkinson (so much respect for the man who refused to not live his dream)
3rd slip: Ovie from Love island (excellent hats in the field)
Gully: All 3 members of N-Dubz (so many tunes)



Nicknames: Steady Eddy
Course: 2nd year Maths
Playing Role: Bang average medium pace, Grinder of 25’s, Specialist midwicket
Cricketing Hero: Chris Tremlett
Claim to Fame: Once dropped a Zimbabwean international in the 90’s
Favourite UWMCC Moment: Hitting a slog sweep for 6 off of a hattrick ball.
Fantasy Slip Corden:
• Keeper: Kumar Sangakarra (Safe pair of hands, textbook cover drive)

1st slip: Ozzy Man Reviews, (Australian and absolutely unreal chat)

• 2nd slip: Andrew Flintoff (bucket hands, organiser of sesh, reminds batsmen to mind the windows)
• 3rd slip: Sir Ben Stokes (That boy can catch quite well can’t he)
• Gully: Loris Karius (Bound to parry the ball to the other slips when he inevitably drops it)



Nicknames: countryside boy, probably deserve lettuce arm as well.
Course: 2nd year Law.
Playing Role: batting all-rounder (I think_
Cricketing Hero: Universe Boss Chris Gayle
Claim to Fame: Same barber as Nathan Redmond
Favourite UWMCC moment: Winning catch vs Trent
Fantasy Slip Cordon:

• Wicketkeeper: David De Gea (Man Utd Legend )
• 1st slip: Tim Ozzane (High levels of chat)
• 2nd slip: Chris Gayle (Buckets, provides designer sunglasses, first cricketer to make moves on reporters on live TV.)
• 3rd slip: Andrew Strauss (Hoping he can replicate that 05 stunner)
• Gully: Jinesh Timbadia (For the constant noise and going for every catch possible even if it means running teammates over)


Nicknames: Essex Sam
Course: 2nd year Chemsitry
Playing Role: Keeper
Cricketing Hero: Ben Foakes (Essex lad, class keeper, 12/10 looks)
Claim to Fame: Smashing a ton in two counties div 7
Favourite UWMCC moment: Winning catch vs Trent
Fantasy Slip Cordon:

• Wicketkeeper: Myself (horrendous chat, I think I’m great )
• 1st slip: Shane Warne (So much chat)
• 2nd slip: Freddie Flintoff (Buckets, Even more chat)
• 3rd slip: Dwayne Leverock (If you know, you know)
• Gully: Jimmy Anderson (Gun and heard he can turn his arm over)