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Automotive Property Consultancy Ltd (APC) is a specialist property services centre of excellence dedicated to the car dealership market providing a total pro-active property service throughout the UK for occupiers, investors, car manufacturers, and developers. We develop strategies to precisely match client’s needs for property assets in our core business area of motor retailing that enhance and achieve best value and financial return now and for the future.

Established in 2005, APC represented a new step for the motor retail market harnessing the best property skills for clients’ current and future needs, at the lowest overall cost. We work alongside businesses taking pride in achieving shared objectives and acting with the highest standards of integrity and performance.

APC’s services include agency, investment, professional and development.

Regulatory change and economic forces have combined to create a dynamic impetus towards market consolidation. Property occupation is an integral part of this process. The need for the motor retailing sector to obtain a swift and informed specialist property advice service on current day values, acquisitions, and disposals, has never been more urgent and essential. APC is wholly orientated to providing this. APC handles the sale and acquisition of premises, site searches, negotiating new leases, and in assignments and subletting’s, liaising with other parties along the way through to deal completion.

APC has been a pioneer in acting as a facilitator between owner occupiers of properties and investors. As a result APC is well positioned to provide appropriate advice on all aspects of property investment and funding, including rental and capital values, lease terms, marketing, and comparative analysis with other means of business investment or raising finance for development.

APC is skilled in providing bespoke advice in all these areas covering a wide range of properties.
Rent Reviews
There are now signs of a return to modest rental growth for manufacturer compliant dealerships. As a result of sale and leasebacks there is now an increase in the number of leased premises, albeit many leased with rents linked to inflation rather than just market rent. This has created a need for informed specialist motor retail rent review advice resolving the differing of landlord’s and tenant’s.
APC provides a range of motor retail valuation services for acquisition and company accounts purposes, including portfolio valuation and desktop exercises to quickly determine an indicative value for a range of reasons including corporate acquisition, individual sale or disposals, and company re-structuring.
Lease Terms
Improvements in the property market has seen substantial Capital Value recovery over recent years and this coupled with where there are unexpired lease lengths of 10 years or less. There is an opportunity now to re-structure leases offering equal benefit to both landlord and tenant through reduced rents and longer lease terms, often with a more certain inflation linked rental arrangement. We are already providing rental and lease terms advice on such “lease re-gears”.

APC provides a complete development consultancy service guiding clients through this procedural maze, with a realistic focus on the art of the possible.
As the motor retail world shrugs off the coils of the recession, there has been a sustained return to the development of new dealerships and the continuing release for alternative use of older redundant premises.
This property recycling process now more than ever before requires a wide property skills base and determination to improve capital efficiency for property owners. In today’s planning regime patience and shrewd tactics are required to secure new planning permissions for changes of use, refurbishments, extensions, and new dealership developments. APC provides a complete development consultancy service guiding clients through this procedural maze, with a realistic focus on the art of the possible.

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