Tall XI vs Northern Stars CC

Following the last two cricketing match reports, you’ll be glad to know that this post has a more cheerful ending.

You’ll also be glad to know it’s much shorter (Tom Adams)As we rocked up to the ground after basically being driven down the diameter of Barbados, somehow, I had been given the captaincy role and although I pleaded to the oppo to let us bat, and had already promised the lads that this would be the case, we ended up having to go out and field to start off the day.I don’t have the figures and can’t be arsed to find them

:I bowled – really shit, and let rog set my fields

Zach bowled – pretty gun (shock)

Tennant bowled – one of the most consistent spells ive ever seen, saved the innings

Will Tall bowled – Really gun, was very impressed

Bennett bowled – shit, but somehow picked up a wicket

Ed bowled – a very tidy spell

Ralli bowled – surprisingly well, but when he started getting a bit of tap he basically just started bowling seam up again

Harry Rodgers – Didn’t bowl and decided to keep, basically handing Zach the most wickets on tour accolade (as I think at this point, they were tied)

The oppo climbed to a score of 178 after 30 oversDuring our batting innings, we decided to do our batting order in order of height, tallest first – with Will Tall also fittingly opening the batting.

The gist of the batting innings is that me and Zach put the 1st team 1-9 batters to shame, scoring 20 and 37 respectively. Rog put in a big shift and Bennett saved us the game, coming in at 11, to score 33 off 15 balls to win it off the last (if only he had batted higher like his captain insisted). Following this he proceeded to proudly tell his dad, who’s only response was to call him a slogger.

Huge shout out to Ben Ralli, the unsung hero, who stuck around with Rog and Bennett at the end rotating the strike extremely consistently and hitting a few good shots of his own.All in all, it was a great day out for the boys, and thankyou for having me as your shcaptain x

Cheers, Archie (Winning captain, who else can say that, definitely not many)