4s vs. Anglia Ruskin 1s

Warwick 4th XI (A) 304-8 (50) played ARU 1st XI (H) 108-0 (16.2) – Match Abandoned
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The final BUCS Wednesday saw UWMCC 4’s challenge Anglia Ruskin 1’s, with the cricketing Gods giving the 4’s one final chance to secure their safety after the final over, 1 wicket, bottle job of the prior week. An 8:45 meet, saw 10 of UWMCC’s finest “4th XI” cricketers (plus the ever-present Rhys Probert ready to finally see his beloved 4’s win) arrive eagerly anticipating the 2 hour drive the lay ahead. Yet the first of many calamitous acts that would befall the day was delivered by our very own Nish Narayanan. With all 10 men on the bus and ready to leave it was noticed we were a man down. Now Nish had stayed on campus with Mrs Narayanan the night before. A mere 5 minute walk from the Bluebell carpark. Any normal person would simply walk to the meet but no not Nish. After already missing the meet, Nish has ordered himself a taxi in a last ditch attempt not to endure a fine, hopeless. Fines a plenty for Nish already.

Finally the UWMMC hit the road. Heading to Anglia Ruskin for the 2nd time this season, hoping for a complete match this time round (oh how wrong we all were). The early start clearly taking its toll with a returning Choppy trying to get an extra hour sleep on the coach. The driver, having other ideas, giving Choppy the fright of his life putting the radio on loud.

Journey done, Girton Recreation ground lay host to today’s fixture, describing the wicket as a road doesn’t do it justice. And along with a lightning outfield there were big runs on the cards. The UWMCC band wagon arrived with only 20 minutes to get ready to play, more incompetence from the SU. However the oppo seemingly neglecting the value of a warm up or even a toss decided to rock up with 10 men 5 minutes before the start. Leading to the first win of the day for stand in skipper Charlie Turner (outrage) via a conceeded toss. The 4’s would be batting first.

Opening up would be Nish and Bird, looking to see off the new ball and cash in. With all parties ready Ruskin revealed they lacked all keeping equipment and much to the disgust of Bird, forking over his kit in order to not be a shit bloke. The pair went about setting an early platform in an assured fashion picking up the early singles and taking full advantage of some very average fielding against a slow seamer and a decent spinner. Narayanan managing to kick one to short fine leg and turning a quick single into an easy run 4 due to a loose throw, mis-field and then relay throw in from the boundary… standards set high. The opening stand was broken as Bird was cleaned up by a ball that turned square from what was a wide line and managing to come back and take middle.

Out strode a returning James Sood, with the entire UWMCC hoping for some fantasy points from the awol batsmen. A short lived BUCS debut for Sood deciding not to hit a straight ball for 0. “I average 90 for club”, many calling bull after that display. The next gun bat to come and go was the leaving George Ballington, managing to edge a long hop to the keeper standing back to the spinner. And as he would go onto say a further 25 times during the innings “why have I done that?”. Yes Ballo why indeed. Amogh joined Nish at the crease and in classic Amogh fashion should have been back in the shed for 0 padding away a straight ball. The pair looked to see off the openers tight spell before Amogh lost his middle stump aswell in his final over, ending with impressive figures of 10 overs 4-8. Well bowled sir.

In true UWMCC fashion, the dreaded collapse was looming. Choppy unable to watch what seemed inevitable, decided to let loose his inner child and hit the playground hard. But when Inth, trying to join the rocking horse of shame, was dropped things looked different. The next ball dispatched over cover for 4. In no time Nish was bringing up a faultless 50 inside 25 overs and showed no signs of stopping. Running the fielders (self inflicted by the lack of ability) and Inth ragged basically playing hit and run cricket. Including Inth managing a comfortable single straight to bowler. Class. Inth finally fell for a well made 28 sending in the gangly Turner to assist Nish. And it wasn’t long before Nish brought up a chanceless 100 basically all with runs not boundary’s much to the pain of those batting at the other end.

The innings kept at a solid pace with everyone chipping in at the other end to Nish, with a total of 300 plus on the cards. And it was all but certain after Ruskin managed to use 3 bowlers in a single over by bowling 4 beamers in the space of 8 balls. Unreal areas there lads. The innings finished in style with Nish pushing on hard and looking like he could run forever, ending on an unreal 163* from 157 balls and the UWMCC 304-8.

A quick turn around meant there was little time for tea (I say tea, it was a packed lunch) and we were soon out in the field. Some loose bowling and decent batting saw Ruskin off to a flier with balls flying to all parts. A change in tactic saw Turner turn into the old vet bowling 20 mph line and length with Bird stood up, which stunted the runs from end. The introduction of Jinesh was a welcome one, for Ruskin who continued to send the ball to all parts with the help of the powerplay leaving many vacant areas. The ball flying into the cow corner fence and Jinesh responding by moving his backward point to 3rd man as if he was going to transform in Wasim Akram and proceeded to still get hit nowhere near that area.

Before we knew it, they were 107-0 from 16 with Ballo into the attack and the field spread looking for the first clear chance of the innings. And, like every game, a Ballo half volley seemed to do the job. But what followed was difficult for all involved. The ball sent high into the air perfectly splitting cover, mid on and mid off. It was anyone’s catch. But with all 3 seemingly certain on catching this one, calling became irrelevant. And with all 3 men colliding the game was over.

Jinesh coming off the worst with a bust lip and seemingly KO’d. Bozza wearing a rogue Jinesh tooth to the forehead ended with a little cut he won’t let us forget anytime soon. Choppy seemingly unscathed after the incident turned into a superhero-esque figure, forgetting to even check his own condition and coming to the aid of Jinesh and doing an excellent job as we waited for the paramedics. Fair play Chops genuine hero. Hands were shaken, ambulance arrived and with Jinesh seemingly still wanting to get up and win the game for the 4’s, he was taken to hospital and luckily is on the mend and safe. Cheers to Ballo for looking after him whilst he was in hospital though his credit card may not agree after the 150 quid taxi they shared home.

All in all the fact that relegation is all but certain seemingly irrelevant and the fact that it is only a game prominent to all. The bus journey home grew in eager anticipation of the upcoming circle with Bozza fighting through the ordeal to still run it. Fines were served in bitter sweet fashion (understandable). Circle awaits. Until next year…

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