In March 2019 UWMCC will be visiting one of the world’s top cricketing nations and most incredible countries in Sri Lanka, in what promises to be an opportunity of a lifetime! As a club with a strong touring heritage (having visited South Africa, Barbados and Sri Lanka itself in the past 3 years), we pride ourselves on taking the club around the world playing competitive cricket against strong local sides, immersing ourselves in local cultures and (for the lucky ones) picking up a nice tan along the way!
While the finer details are still to be finalised, you can still get a general picture of what we’re hoping to get up to below. We’re looking take 22 clubmen and spend 11 nights and 12 days in Sri Lanka, and for around £1600 (plus a bit more for some stash and spending money) you are guaranteed:
• Flights and half board accommodation across three locations – Colombo, Kandy, Koggola (near Galle)

Sri Lankan tourists post game in 2016

• Six fixtures for the group against top Sri Lankan opposition (including provisionally three at first class grounds!)
• Visits to the cities of Colombo and Kandy, an elephant sanctuary, turtle hatchery, the Temple of the Tooth plus more tbc…
• Charity work at the Foundation of Goodness, helping young, underprivileged children via cricket coaching
• A bloody good time with some great blokes!

Of course, you may have some reservations about coming on tour, which we will try to answer here:
1. The Cost: While £1600 may seem like a substantial amount, we believe that you will be getting great value for money. Included in the price is all the activities described above, two meals a day at our half board accommodation (The Stueart Hotel, Earls Regent Hotel, Long Beach Koggola), fixtures against top Sri Lankan opposition and some brilliant memories and experiences along the way!
2. Your Ability: Whether you play a high level of cricket back home or simply prefer the social side of the game, international tour caters for all abilities! We will look to ensure our fixtures are suited for our touring party in terms of competitiveness and ability
3. Not Knowing Anyone: Particularly aimed at Freshers, this is of course an understandable reservation

The Fresh and El Presidente Joey in Barbados, 2018

for those who have just arrived at Warwick. It is important to remember that with tour taking place at the end of Term 2, you will already have made many friends both in your year and the years above in the club. Be sure to attend any of our early socials to see how welcoming and accommodating a club UWMCC is! We will also be looking to organise some tour socials before we head out so you’ll certainly get to know your fellow tourists in this way. No less than 8 freshers went on tour last year, so there’s no excuse for you not to come!
4. Summer Exams: There is no doubt that tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and many UWMCC clubmen have regretted choosing revision over international tour. With 5 weeks off over the Easter Break, you will still have plenty of time to get nailed down on revision once you’ve come back from the time of your life! First year is especially a great time to go on tour before your workload over subsequent years carry more significance.

And if this isn’t enough motivation to persuade you to come with us to Sri Lanka, have a read of the thoughts of our former president, Dan Lewis, on his experience to Sri Lanka as a first year in 2016:
“Going on tour with the club is a great thing to do. Whether you know all the clubmen going or none, you’ll come

Sri Lankan tourists watching on at the Galle Stadium in 2016

back having run a few clubmen out on picturesque pitches, seen unbelievable sights and forged some friendships that will last throughout university. Sri Lanka was the first tour I went on as a fresher and was one of the reasons I joined the club. I told myself I’d just do the one, but Sri Lanka was so good that it made me want to go on the next two as well! We played a match at Galle, snapped many a selfie with some elephants and even had a fish pedicure in the Madhu River. Sri Lanka was full of beautiful things to see, great experiences and is something not to miss. Many nights were spent in beach bars and all days were spent sweating to death, but it was one of my highlights of my first 3 years at Warwick and something I would recommend to anyone.”

So with this all in mind, feel free to contact our Tour Sec Saurav Parmar (, President Joe Randall ( or any other members of the exec to find out more about this incredible opportunity! Come along to our tour meeting on Wednesday 10th October in the Oculus – room 1.01 – at 4pm to find out about all things tour from our travel agent Edwin Doran.