Tourists enjoying the pool on the 2017 tour of South Africa.

In March 2020 UWMCC will be visiting one of the world’s premier cricket tour locations: South Africa. As a club, we have toured South Africa, Barbados and Sri Lanka (in that order) in the past three years with many clubman regarding international tour as a highlight of their time at university, whether it be playing at some amazing cricket grounds, immersing in the local culture or just relaxing on a sunbed for hours; there really is something for everyone With a more detailed itinerary to come in the early stages of term one, you can still get a general idea of what South Africa will be like:

  • We will be taking 22 clubman for 12 days (including travel). The tour will cost roughly £1750 (not
    including spending money or stash) and you can expect:
  • Flights and accommodation (which includes breakfast and some lunches) across 3
    locations: Cape Town, Stellenbosch and the Aquila Game reserve.
  • Six fixtures (3 games each) against very decent South African opposition at some high
    quality grounds (First class grounds and possibly a test ground!)
  • A vast array of excursions that include: A trip to Table Mountain, a shark tank diving
    experience at ‘Shark Alley’ and game drives at the Garden route game reserve.
  • Charity work with one of the local South African charities.
  • An amazing time with some great company!

After reading this you may have some questions so we will try to answer the main ones below:

Charity work and coaching with the Foundation of Goodness on our 2019 tour of Sri Lanka

Is it worth the cost?

£1750 is a lot of money and, whilst that may seem a lot, we believe it is great value for a tour to an amazing location that includes everything listed above. Not only this but many clubman would argue that the cost is nothing compared to the memories you will make on tour.

What if I’m not the best cricketer?

International tour is very inclusive of clubman regardless of your ability; whether you play at a high level or you prefer the social side of cricket you will be made to feel part of the group! To back this up we have a quote from this years tour sec, Fraser Nicholson (who got a King Pair on his tour to Sri Lanka in 2019):

‘Even though I am not the best cricketer I thoroughly enjoyed my tour to Sri Lanka, I would even go as far as saying it was the best thing I did in my 1st year at University!’

What if I don’t know anyone?

Visiting the Kensington Oval on our 2018 Tour of Barbados.

Particularly if you are a fresher, you might feel daunted by going on a tour with a bunch of blokes you hardly know, however, freshers are encouraged to go on tour because it is such a good way to get involved in the club, and since tour is at the end of term 2 there are plenty of opportunities to get to know the clubman you will be travelling with. Not only this, but there will be tour socials organised before tour (for those signed up) so that everyone can get to know each other.

Shouldn’t I focus on Summer exams?

Tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be held at the start of the long spring holiday before exams start. With this in mind you should not be deterred by exams and is also why going on tour in your 1st year is ideal. Even after the tour is done you will still have a 3 week period before term starts to crack on with revision. If this doesn’t convince you hopefully a quote from former Vice President and Development Captain Sean Merriman will:

‘Touring South Africa provided so many of the highlights of my time at Warwick, such as the
views of Table Mountain, the Safari drive and introducing South African batsmen to the world of
military mediums. If you are even remotely considering going, then definitely attend the tour
meeting, because touring with UWMCC will be truly unforgettable’

If you need any more convincing please feel free to have a word with this years tour sec Fraser Nicholson (, the Club president Sash Abbasi or any other members of the exec for any more information. For those of you keen clubman who are interested please come along the the tour presentation, which will in the first few weeks of term one.