This Easter the UWMCC will be heading off on a 12-night tour of Barbados. This will be the club’s 5th successful international tour and our 2nd to Barbados. With previous tourists calling it one of the best experiences of their lives, it’s not one to miss out on. What makes tour so great is that tourists decide what happens we do on tour, if there is anything you want to do we can do it such is the flexibility we have. Tour is looking to be around £1470, with a few hundred pounds extra for stash and more activities.

We plan to leave on the 17th March and will arrive back on the 29th March, these are the first 13 days of the Easter break. With all the work you have during term time this is a great chance to relax and unwind before you begin preparation for your exams (for worrying parents, many previous tourists have been able to tour and still achieve the excellent results that they hoped for).

While we are out there we will be playing in at least 6 fixtures, all accompanied by functions at the ground with the opposition. Don’t worry about ability being an issue either, with all playing abilities welcome (when we say all abilities, our last tour sec was the SU’s own DDO Michael Dinnerston who is still yet to score a BUCS run). Of course, there are some more socially inclined adventures such as; an incredible catamaran cruise around the island (which previous tourists have described as one of the best days of their life), the beaches of Barbados and the rest that a Caribbean island can offer.

If you’re even remotely interested we should be having a tour meeting on Wednesday 11th October at 4pm on Campus. There is also a webpage that you can check and if you are keen, you can sign up there as well. Just follow this link.

If you’re still unsure about coming, please have a look at a past tourists review, last year’s Club Captain, Jacob:

Being in such a beautiful place with a tremendous group of lads is a fantastic experience, where the friendships gained will mould your university life for the better. Drinking rum and coke on a catamaran during my second year of university with a great group of friends is something I wish I could go back and do again. After a tough two terms at uni, Barbados was a very welcome break. Being in such a friendly and laid-back environment allows to you embrace the culture and fully experience Caribbean life. The cricket played is tough but well spirited. I’ll never forget being told to put a helmet on by the batsmen as I get dispatched for the hardest straight six I’ve ever seen and still be smiling. The nightlife is brilliant with Harbour lights being a must visit location. Throughout my university life I was fortunate enough to be a part of all three tours (South Africa, Barbados and Sri Lanka) and this was probably my favourite, with memories and stories that will stay with me.