1s v Nottigham 1s

The 1s lost a tight game to the University of Nottingham falling short chasing 152. After losing the toss, we were put into the field. The match started off positively with gun bowler KP and the mighty Sohil swinging the ball beautifully and challenging the batsmen with full length deliveries. The energy was magnificent and with the return of Mihir the players felt as if anything could be achieved. The pitch seemed to be a typical Cryfield wicket (shit) but offering enough movement if the ball was put in the right spot. Nevertheless, the two opening bats were still going strong after a few overs from either end, the boys desperate to get a wicket on the board. The atmosphere soon changed as KP trapped one of them LBW, a decision which looked questionable from mid-off to say the least. Questionable as in How the did he actually give that? There were a few missed chances that followed including Krish dropping one that Stevie Wonder would have done better at and Sohil taking a wicket off a front foot no ball. However, the pressure was well and truly put back on the batsmen. With the introduction of spinners at one end and Jabzy at the other, runs were limited and wickets soon fell. With Mihir turning it round corners and Ryan finding some magic in the pitch we were on top after drinks. With death bowling executed well from KP and Jabzy Nottingham finished on the par score (at Cryfield) 152. Highlights of the bowling- Sohil’s 10 over spell, Mihir bowling onto another pitch and some well executed death bowling.

Lunch was interesting, Jabzy went off to see his bird, casting away any sort of team unity. Joe was busy channeling his inner Steve Irwin thinking of methods to remove the wasps nest in the pavilion and others were making their own sandwich from the village tea Sash had set out. The sun was shining bright and the stage was set for a quality afternoon of BUCS cricket.

The batting was opened with Greg and Mihir, battling through the first ten overs despite receiving some well directed short pitch bowling. Although getting a start, Greg was trapped Lbw and Mihir was snicked off after a good ball. After this wickets fell as often as “af” is mentioned throughout UowMCC. Sash got caught by an incredible piece of fielding which could only be applauded and it was not until Parth came in at 7 producing some valuable runs (27) that there was much hope installed for the boys. When it fell to Kieron, Sohil and Jabzy, chances were very slim. KP was bowled, Sohil got caught trying to send the ball into orbit despite being told to stay in and Jabzy did all of his fantasy league employers injustice by making a length ball into a Yorker and getting bowled. In the end we fell 30ish runs short, still feeling as if we had the better side. It was a fine master’s field day in the end with multiple club men receiving full fines to the full enjoyment of Ryan. A disappointing start to the 1s season which will hopefully be followed by big Ws in following fixtures.

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